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Blonde beauty! Natalie Roser shows off her incredible numbers in a series of underwear and bikinis shooting

In order to get rid of drug addiction, she recently carried out an alkaline cleaning.

Natalie Roser has been showing off her killer body in the underwear and bikini shooting array late.

womens bikinis sale
Blonde was in the blue and white womens bikinis sale, and she put it on the beach this week.
She also robbed some sexy lingerie for Frederic’s Hollywood shooting.
Natalie recently attributed her amazing figure to alkaline detergent and her success in “sugar addiction.”
She revealed that cleaning helped her get back on track and become addicted to my diet and sugar.

I love the results! She said, “I’ve been adding super green powder to my water and making sure that all the foods I eat are alkaline.”.
Natalie was proud of her determination, and concluded, “this may be a challenge, but I’m not a challenge.”
Earlier this year, the swimsuit model moved to Melbourne and spent more time with her neighbor boyfriend, Bonner.
The couple confirmed their romance in February, and since then they have had an inseparable relationship with social media.
In October, Natalie postponed the wedding celebrity’s personal trainer, Dan Adair, who ended their relationship.

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