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Delilah Belle Hamlin releases a sexy bikini shot, talking fearlessly about life

Delilah Belle Hamlin is the daughter of Lisa Rinna, the real housewife of Beverly Hills, and the actor Harry Hamlin, who is now doing her best to lead the most fulfilling life. The aspiring model recently shared a sexy photo on her Instagram page, sharing her insights on how to open herself to meet new challenges.

The 20-year-old is currently in a period of serious life transition. As Town&Country shares during the summer, Delilah Belle Hamlin plans to open a course at New York University in January – she plans to major in criminal psychology.

Delilah lives alone in the Tribeca Loft apartment, looking forward to her first year freshman at New York University, and has been landing some plum model shows in recent months. The former Californian girl seems ready to launch herself in her comfort zone, which she unveiled in the latest Instagram post.

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Hamlin took a photo while wearing a thong bikini while standing on the beach. Delilah’s hair was wet – her shoulders groaned – in addition to wearing a few rings on her fingers, she wore hoop earrings. According to the Instagram page of the swimwear collection, it seems that Delilah’s bikini is the Prix Limited Quiet Micro 3M.

The model and the student who is about to become a New York University wrote about her first attempt to skydiving, and she liked it very much. Delilah wrote about the way she is now trying to get close to her life. She encourages others to put their fears aside and push themselves to be the best.

Although Hamlin has landed numerous model shows and endorsement agreements in recent months, she apparently never intended to be a model. After a while, she told W Magazine that an agent found her – asked to represent her after she started posting to her Instagram page – and things started there.

These are major developments in Delilah because her mother and fans of RHOBH know that she has had to face the challenge of anxiety in the past. As detailed in the case, Hamlin began to struggle with anxiety after suffering from pharyngitis at the age of 11, when she was even hard to leave home.

Worst of all, Delilah’s anxiety problems prevented her from going to school regularly, taking the elevator or flying. Although Rinna explained that she might handle the matter for the rest of her life, Hamlin clearly made great progress in her hard work. These days it seems that she is definitely on the right track – and fans of Delilah Belle Hamlin can’t wait to see what she will do next.

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