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Security cameras capture Bikinis nightclub attack store manager 3

Miami Beach, Fla.’s security camera filmed three managers wearing a womens bikinis sale nightclub on Sunday night at the beach outlet store, witnesses said they stole the merchandise, and he chased them to attack.
Mourad Chaabi sat down in front of the store, and he said, “women started acting suspiciously, so the manager stood near them.”.
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The recent attack on the Ocean Avenue has increased the number of people who want to ban alcohol.
3 people arrested for robbery on Ocean Avenue
“She’s like,” Oh, do you want to see me now? “Well, I’m looking at the guy who’s got three sweaters now, but they’re running past in the middle of the road,” Chaabi said.
The manager of the store, Rafaela Kalvron, said he wanted to be a woman’s courtesy.
“They only took two or three expensive things, and they took it out of the store. So, of course, I couldn’t do anything, so I asked her very well, “please bring things back from the store, and then they start punching,” Kalvron said.” I stepped back and said, “please, I don’t want to hurt a woman.”. Give it back to me.”
The women called the shop manager repeatedly, and the goods flew swiftly through the air.
“We saw this whole altercation in the street, the battle cry under the lights, and a car almost hit a girl. “It’s unbelievable,” said another witness, Paul Thomas.

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Thomas, living in Miami Beach, was with friends, and they saw the unfolding of the event.
He later released the message on his Facebook page.
“That’s not enough. “This is my community,” he said. I’ve been living here for a while, and I love the South China Sea. It’s not good to come to our community and do these crazy things. You can come and enjoy a good time without committing a crime, you know.
Mitch Novick, the boss of the hotel, said that his security camera captured the attack, and posted his “resident safe Ocean Avenue” Facebook web page.
“These events happen every day,” Novick said. The whole community, the entire Ocean Avenue Recreation Area, turns into what I think of as slums and epidemics.”
Miami Beach police didn’t look into the case because they said the store manager didn’t want to charge the women.
“I hope they can learn.”. They are young girls. “I don’t want anybody to go to jail,” Kalvron said.
Kalvron said he had seen a steal at the store.

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