The Power of Fragrance: Finding Your Signature Scent
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The Power of Fragrance: Finding Your Signature Scent

Have you experienced the feeling of being reminded of someone by a certain smell? A quick whiff in the air can bring back memories of people you know like friends or loved ones. When people wear perfume, their scents stay in our memory unconsciously way of how others are reminded of them.

The smell of any perfume, cologne, body spray, or body mist that a person uses can reflect his or her personality. This is exactly like how a person dresses. There are many perfumes available in the market today so it can be rather hard to choose. It is a good start to find out what is available so that you can search for your favorite scent.

Different Types of Fragrances

There are different types of smells such as woody, fresh, spicy, and floral. When you learn what the different types are, you can pick the best one for yourself easily. Don’t be afraid to try out different fragrances to find your favorite.

Floral scent

Floral scents like jasmine, rose, lilies, ylang, peonies, and more, are romantic and timeless.

Fruity scent

Do you love the fresh smell of fruits such as lemon, orange, and lime? If you do, then you may enjoy the fruity scent that reminds you of summer. 

Fresh Scent

Just like how it is described, fresh fragrance is very light. Try to picture sea spray, fresh grass, and dewy moss. These scents are usually associated with spring and summer months which are always cheerful and lift the mood.

Spicy Scent

If you want something a bit warmer, then go for fragrances that emit a cozy vibe like vanilla and cardamom.

Woody Scent

Here is another warm scent that is woody like cedarwood and sandalwood. These woody scents are more masculine and are different from the feminine floral scents.

How To Find Your Favorite Scent

Ahead are some simple tips for those who want to know how to find their signature scent.

Begin with lighter scents

It is better to start with fresh scents first and then move on to citrus followed by florals.

Try a maximum of three scents at a time

If you don’t know what smell you like, try to give your nose 3 fragrances to sniff.

Places to apply the fragrances

Spray the fragrance on your wrists, neck, or behind the ears. These areas are the pulse points and will emit heat. This helps to ignite and diffuse the fragrance throughout the day.

Let the smell settle

Everyone’s skin is unique so a perfume might smell different on you than on someone else. You can spray the perfume on your skin first to see if it matches your natural smell. Do start with a small bottle or a sample and use it for a week before buying a big bottle. Give yourself time to see if you really like it.

How does the scent make you feel

Do you want a perfume that exudes a sexy vibe? Do you want to feel fun and playful? Think about these when you are sniffling in between the musky scent or floral scent before deciding on your favorite. When you spray on the scent and sniff it, think about how it makes you feel and also who you want to be.

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