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Brielle Biermann teases in the sultry Instagram bikini photo ‘I know you want this life’

She spent a grand holiday in the tropics earlier this year.

It appears that Brielle Biermann took a flashback photo from the Bahamas on Wednesday.

Do Not Be Tardy’s daughter, real TV star Kim Zolciak, appears to be bent in her small two pieces as she walks up the shore.

The title says ‘Beach, please. ‘

Earlier this summer, she left Instagram during her trip to Key West, Florida.

The 21-year-old reality show star nicknamed a sultry bikini, “I know you want this life.”

In the photo, Do not Be Tardy’s little star squats on the sun bed while wearing a sly black and white bikini, barely containing her impressive assets.

The girl untied with her wavy blond hair and ran down her shoulders.

Brielle’s eyes were obscured by the shadow of a pair of mirrored pilots who placed a perfectly trimmed hand on her well-balanced thigh.

In another photo, the blonde beauty is wearing the same bikini because she is lying in a hammock next to her four-year-old sister, Kia Bierman.

She added a title to the sweet photo, “My sunshine @kaiabiermann is my angel.”

Although Kim was a child in a previous relationship, Brielle took the name of her stepfather Kroy Biermann.

In the last season’s “Don’t be late”, Brill revealed that she was eager to find her place and left the magnificent mansion of Kim and Crobbiman.

She moved into her own apartment in Atlanta, Georgia last month.

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