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Laura Patterson of Cannonball Swimwear talks about finding ways to “feel good” and make the perfect swimsuit

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Guests of South Lim’s eclectic Tiki Bar The Limbo will not be too surprised to walk into the swimwear fashion show on Saturday night. Limbo has been known for its extraordinary and nostalgic feelings.

In addition, does the swimsuit suggested by the tiki theme have inherent suitability?

On the third Saturday of each month, this is what Limbo customers see. The show’s swimsuits are from Laura Patterson’s sewing machine, and its company, Cannonball Swimwear, has launched handmade Louisville swimwear in three summers.

Insiders sit down with craftsmen to talk about her creative efforts, her first “perfect” swimsuit, and of course those late night fashion shows.

Before she started making singles and bikinis, Patterson launched a wider range of clothing under her name “Laura Fauna.”

“That’s clothes, dresses… I made a coat, I did anything I wanted to do,” Patterson said.

Doing anything she wants to do is a guiding principle for her and a recurring theme in conversation. “With everything I do, it only develops. I just want to find something that feels good and fits my lifestyle.”

Switching from a broader clothing base to a specific moment in Patterson, but it has been brewing for a long time under the surface.

“I have been working hard to make my favorite swimsuit for a long time,” she explained. “I always – when I buy a swimsuit – there will always be things you don’t like, so I always separate them and put them back.”

A masculine person may feel that this sounds a bit outdated, but the women there know very well that they have found an Odyssey that fits the top, low-key and cool-looking swimsuit.

Patterson looked for an excellent swimsuit, including making a lot of swimsuits from scratch, and when it became deified, she decided to start selling them through her Laura Fauna brand.

“I finally got it right,” she said. “I did something beautiful, saleable, wearable and comfortable. They are suitable for people. You can move and be active. They are great swimsuits.”

Patterson thinks her confidence in this product is very good.

“I can say that, because in order to get these beautiful swimsuits, I did a lot of bad swimsuits,” she said. “I threw a lot of things into the trash because it looked bad. I did something that didn’t work. I put them on it and said, ‘Wow, it doesn’t look too good, it feels like not good.'”
“I think failure is very interesting to me,” she said.

She likened this to her sports training, and casually mentioning her personal health law, it sounds very intense.

“When you try to get to a place… all you do is until you fail, that’s how you find the next level,” Patterson said. “If you lift weights, think about it, you will say failure. You can do this until you can’t do it anymore. You can’t run anymore until you run.”

At first, she successfully sold her swimsuit through her previous brand and website, but she let herself be led by the joy of creating a swimsuit.

“I realized that I wouldn’t do anything else,” she said.

She began to brainstorm a name and look for her new company. In response to questions about the source of the name, Patterson asked, “Do you know the breeder of that team?”

Children in the 1990s watching MTV may not need more answers. Breeders played a hit song on their album “The Last Splash”, and the heavy-rotation video made people enjoy a lot of fun in their swimsuits. The name of the song is “Cannonball”.

Patterson participates in the “Trunk Program” once or twice a year in the community, but she says it is her Instagram account. She said people would see what they like on social media platforms, leave a message for her, and then check out her full inventory.

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