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5 Products to Design Your Silhouette

To feel good about your body, lingerie is an essential accessory. Remodeling, shaping, sculpting, we choose our underwear carefully to combine the art of highlighting our curves, sensuality, and femininity. For a few years now, we have seen the reappearance on the lingerie market of sculpting underwear that curves and reshapes the silhouette.

This new lingerie trend has a name: shapewear. So, which sculpting underwear to choose according to your figure? What are the advantages of a sheathing brief, a panty, or a sheathing bodysuit? We explain everything to you here!

Focus on the shapewear trend

Shape what? What is this English term again? Shapewear is a term that defines a particular style of clothing of lingerie items intended to sculpt the silhouette. The goal is simple: wear underwear that redraws the curves to highlight them. The shapewear underwear slims, curves, and sculpts discreetly.

The trend seduces so many women this year, enough to get rid of your complexes at the beach!

Sculpting underwear, for whom?

If shapewear is known for refining shapes, it is not intended for curvy women. No, precisely the purpose of this kind of clothing is above all to sculpt. Refine the waist, tuck in the small belly, bring out the shapely chest, in short, it is above all a question of transforming the complexes into an asset. And we all have complexes or almost!

What sculpting underwear for curvy women?

If you have shapes, you will love discovering plus size waist trainer.

But you will also find the panties, a kind of shapely shorts at the level of the thighs and the waist, refine the silhouette. Sculpting bodysuits are also ideal for resculpting the silhouette from the chest to the buttocks. By wearing this kind of underwear, you will get a pin-up silhouette. Beautiful in your curves, feminine and confident!

5 sculpting underwear to feel beautiful in your body

The shaping panty

The sheathing briefs will be especially suitable for women wishing to erase their belly under a tight outfit. They swallow the excess fat to make way for a flat stomach!


If it was still unthinkable a few years ago to wear a sheath-like in the old days, women have found their interest in the return of this piece of lingerie which does not date from yesterday. To camouflage unsightly bulges around the waist, the secret weapon is the sheath! Invisible like a second skin and perfectly comfortable to wear, the sheath is worn in underwear. The latter generally rises below the chest and comes in the form of sheathing panty, sheathing shorty, or sheathing panties. Wait for it with the waist trainer vest, for even better results!

The short or long sheathing bodysuit

We call it a bodysuit but it almost looks like a second skin, so much does it hug the curves. Its advantages: it not only sculpts the lower body but also the upper one. By shaping and increasing the chest, it refines the stomach and thighs. It is generally in mid-thigh sizes or in a shorty or panties version. Both small breasts and large breasts can wear it to sculpt their shape.

The gaining combination

It is certainly a little less sexy than the others because of its cut, but it sculpts the silhouette perfectly, which makes it the best body shaper. With it, bye-bye the unpleasant sensation of thighs rubbing together. Make way for the curved chest, the tucked-in belly, and the harmonized silhouette! Moreover, for those who already have a curved chest, there are models stopping just below the bra.

The shorts

The shorts, meanwhile, is a real ally for erasing cellulite and smoothing the skin under clothing. It refines the thighs and hips while sheathing the belly. It is therefore the sculpting lingerie par excellence for women who are wider on the bottom of the body than on the top (triangle morphology).

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