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Australian swimwear brand modi to solve the common problems of women’s body

As most women would have demonstrated, menstrual or bladder leakage in the beach or swimming pool is an uncomfortable experience, and a topic that is not often considered by the brand.
But this is a 2017 Australian label, Modibo Di, is set up in the “normal” market around these taboo areas of dialogue, creating a “collection fashion fusion”, aims to solve the problem.
Brand, by Kristy Chong in 2014, already has a series of no leakage absorbing womens bikinis sale   instead of menstrual and leaking products through absorption solution.
The mother of two recent adventures, spent 12 months of research and 6 months of testing, daily women’s development.
“These areas are still taboo, and one out of every two women does not participate in physical activity during menstruation or bladder leakage, and does not risk embarrassment. “We don’t talk about it openly, we do it between friends, but that’s what we want to be,” says Chong.

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“The market is not suit for a long period of time have any functional development, for the two month period is longer in women with one and three bladder leakage of women, when they want to go swimming to protect them, and they don’t have much choice. I talk about these problems without scruple, because they are common. Somebody must take this leap.”
The scope of the development, design and manufacturing in Australia, at present by my free single and you leak backstroke womens bikinis sale  and local active leak with a hot spot size, with the brand to seek to expand or from their size and the girl 6-18 12-14.
Similar to underwear technology, swimwear is suitable for spots, light periods and pelvic floor problems. It uses fast drying waterproof outer fabric, as well as a patented modifier swimming technology and nodes to absorb most “10mls” or “plug flow”, “there are layers according to Chong to avoid odor and bacteria.”.
The range has an initial international Kickstarter target of $25000, with 356 supporters raising $35593 of funds in less than a week. These products are pure, and Chong hopes that these products will help women reduce the use of menstrual products and serve their own “freedom and environment”.
For Chong, which is already in its second stage of development, there is no slowing down, which is consistent with the northern hemisphere summer. Dealers in Asia, Europe and the United States have expressed interest.
“I don’t think this product is marketable and can’t benefit from it.”. Chong said, “we often see a social impact project, and we can deliver our products to women who need help.”.
Future plans include developing a product that can absorb more liquids and introduce new colors.
“It will be based on customer needs, as we have since the beginning,” Chong said.
The Kickstarter activities will continue until the beginning of November 20 to 30 per cent off the future cost of the products, the company website.

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