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Red carnival! Former Senior Escort Samantha X proves she has nothing to hide before attempting a tour in a very risqué lace lingerie tights…

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Last year, after the announcement of her cult, her famous high-heeled shoes had already hung up – the following said that her companionship time was a past story.

But it seems that Samantha X (real name Amanda Goff) still likes to wear the Cheap Sexy Lingerie that was indispensable in her previous career.

The 43-year-old tried to wear hot red full-fitting bodysuits to find new clothes and showcase all of his merchandise around a lingerie store in Sydney.

Perhaps asking whether these works are suitable or tailored, the former reporter was seen chatting, and the clerk readjusted the costume to perfectly shape her plump figure.

Samantha had almost no imagination. She showed off herself in the post-store physique and adjusted and evaluated herself in the mirror of the store locker room.
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Since she broke up with Ryan Phelan, who hosted the Channel Seven program, Samantha has enjoyed beach time and looks neat and delicate, wearing a Cheap Sexy Lingerie.

Looking healthy and healthy, she proved that revenge (the body) is the best cold.

On Saturday, the blonde’s beauty proved that she used to be comparable to her sense of humour.

Seeing the Instagram story, Samantha uploaded a pair of pink Cheap Sexy Lingerie and stayed on the sidewalk in the street.

In the title post, the former escort wrote: ‘They are not mine. ‘

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