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Former Miss Wisconsin Courtney Pelot said that swimsuits should be part of Miss America.

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If the Manitowoc natives and Miss Cotney Perot, Wisconsin, chose her way in 2016, those who participated in the Miss America beauty pageant in September will still wear bikinis across the stage.

But nearly 100 years later, the swimsuit part of the competition will end and will be replaced by “on-site interaction with the judges”, and competitors will “highlight her achievements and life goals”.

The Miss America organization, which is now mainly female-led, announced the change in early June and will begin with the Miss America contest in September. These changes will also affect state and regional competition.

However, Pelot said that as part of the game, she poses in the swimsuit without problems.

“It tells me how to eat healthy,” she said. “How to take care of my body and work hard. I think there should be something left. I don’t see the reason for taking it out.”

Despite this, the competition has evolved from a woman wearing a moderate one-piece suit a few years ago to a contestant wearing a small bikini and high heels in the name of a scholarship.

Former Fox news anchor Gretchen Carlson is now the chairman of the Miss America beauty pageant. She said in an interview that she “talked to many young people who spoke to me,” I really want to be one of them. Show, but I don’t want to wear a swimsuit parade. ”

In view of today’s #MeToo campaign, Carlson said the organization has been changing for a few months. Nine board members approved the change in March, but it was kept secret until June when the state government director and former Miss America were told. After harassing lawsuits against former Fox chairman Roger Ayers in 2016, Carlson often publicly talked about women’s rights in the workplace. She said that the Miss America contest will pay less attention to the appearance and pay more attention to the talents, wisdom and ideas of the contestants.

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Pelot believes that these changes can be handled better. She spoke with Megan Alexander about Inside Edition to understand the changes in competition and her concerns about the current leadership of Miss America.

“I think the biggest problem is transparency,” she told USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin. “I think they should contact the national director in advance to discuss the changes and what might happen. Now everything is blurry.”

She believes that the game will not be shrouded by #MeToo.

We know what we are going to enter,” Pelot said. “We have never been forced to do what we don’t want to do. ”

She pointed out that the swimsuit section of the competition is historical and an important part of the Atlantic City boardwalk competition. Pelot said that other traditions will continue.

“I think girls will make up for it,” she said. Pelot expects contestants to spend two weeks in Atlantic City this year. She pays tribute to Miss Wisconsin/2016 Miss Harbour City, Tana Van De Black, in 2018, and they will travel to Atlantic City in a few weeks.

“I know she will shine on that stage,” Perot said. “Interesting fact: She tried to win the state pageant for the sixth time. The girl fought for her dream.”

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