Wedding Looks That Will Surprise the Bride
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Wedding Looks That Will Surprise the Bride

Congratulations on your coming wedding. If you are searching for the perfect wedding dress but are not in favor of wearing the classic white voluminous wedding gown, then this article is for you. Many brides are dropping the classic flowy white wedding dresses of traditional weddings in favor of something different. Yes, the unconventional bridal trend is in demand now. Alternative wedding dresses such as a more casual white dress or a two-piece dress is the perfect way to bring your own personality into your wedding day look.

What Is A Non-Traditional Bridal Gown?

Non-traditional or unconventional wedding gowns are different from what is expected of how a traditional wedding dress looks like. Usually, these dresses feature one-of-a-kind designs such as intricate patterns and embellishments. These are the details that make the white wedding dress unique and reflect the bride’s style and individuality.  

The alternative dress challenges the norm and lets the brides explore different styles and designs. The unconventional wedding gowns can be edgy, romantic, and ethereal looking. It is a pretty awesome move if you prefer to shelve the tradition and go for a non-traditional wedding aesthetic.  After all, it is your wedding day and there is no better day than this day to show the best version of yourself. There is a huge selection of non-traditional white wedding dresses out there for you to truly shine on your special day.

Favorite Unconventional Wedding Looks

Ahead are the alternative wedding dresses for you to rock on your big day.

Vintage Wedding Dresses

A vintage wedding dress is perfect for brides who want a vintage aesthetic. Choosing to wear a vintage wedding dress allows the brides to express their unique individuality and personal style. Vintage wedding gowns evoke a sense of nostalgia and they also have a unique history.

The era in which the gown was created gives character to the dress. When brides choose a vintage wedding gown, they can create a distinctive wedding look that is sure to vow and reduce the carbon footprint.

Two Piece Wedding Dresses

For an unconventional charm and modern elegance, go for two-piece wedding dresses. Brides can mix and match with different tops and skirts, thanks to the versatility of this wedding dress style. Besides creating a look that reflects her personality, a two-piece wedding dress also flatters her beautiful figure. A fitted bodice with a mermaid skirt silhouette or a crop top and billowing skirt will give the bride a dreamy non-conventional look. The possibilities are endless!

Short Wedding Dresses

The short wedding dresses are also increasing in popularity. These girlish dresses give off a fun and charming vibe. Just so you know, short wedding dresses do not have to be above the knee. You can choose a tea length dress or a high-low skirt for a unique touch. Allow yourself to flaunt your unique style in a chic way by replacing the classics with playful styles when you choose to wear a short wedding dress.

Bohemian Style

Bohemian-inspired wedding dresses are also brides’ favorite due to the free-spirited look. Boho wedding dresses usually feature flowy fabrics with detailed lacework, bell sleeves, and floral embellishments. These are the standout details that give the dresses a relaxed, whimsical, and romantic look.

Shimmering Wedding Dresses 

A metallic or beaded wedding dress is the right choice for brides who love to get some sparkles as she walks down the aisle. A shimmering wedding dress will let the bride stand out in the best way possible on this important day. Whether you prefer iridescent sequins or you want something more subtle, the choices are endless. What is best about the shimmering wedding dresses is that they are great for weddings throughout the year.

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