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The bikini coffee shop lowered it a little before the opening on Friday.

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For those who want to buy “Pantydropper” when they open the Pink Pantherz bikini coffee shop on Friday (September 14th), they will have to order “Aloha”.

The owner of Pink Pantherz Jose Carmona said yesterday (September 12) that he has reduced some of the more suggestive drink names and may be changing the barista uniforms at the 2797 El Camino Real store in North Fair Oaks.

“We are changing something, but we will still be a bikini barista coffee shop,” Carmona said. “But we are making some changes, so we are not going to be seen as adult entertainment. We have not yet determined how the uniform looks, but we are studying it.”

San Mateo County Planning Director Steve Monovets sent a letter to Carmona, which set a clothing regulation for the company, saying that women’s bikinis must completely cover their hips and breasts.

If the coffee shop staff wears less than what is needed, Pink Pantherz will be considered an “adult entertainment business” under the county code and the area does not allow such business. (Hanky ​​Panky Strip Club, located at 2651 El Camino in North Fair Oaks, has existed before the regulations and has passed.)

The uniforms of Pink Pantherz employees caused strong protests from residents of North Fair Oaks who had sent messages to Carmona and the county magistrate about their dislike of the store.

“I think the downside is that we are new to the community and they don’t know what we are,” Carmona said. “We may be pushing this slightly, but in the end it allows us to sponsor activities such as raising money for cancer.”

According to Carmona, Pink Pantherz organized a fundraising campaign for cancer patients in the communities of Fresno, Modesto and Fremont, where his other coffee stalls are located.

Sister Christina Hersley, executive director of the St. Francis Center on the cafe street, said yesterday that she was very excited about his concessions. Herzley led the outreach to Carmona.

Hurzley said: “Change the name of the coffee to the name of a common coffee… and let the workers wear it less violently. I think it is a serious concession.” “I think he has heard the community.”

However, despite these changes, Herbsley said the store’s neighbors also plan to fight against the coffee shop on Friday. However, the store will be open from noon to 4 pm. On Friday, the protest will be held at 5:30 pm.

Herzley said the protests will be carried out after the store is closed, so the barista will not feel uncomfortable or ashamed. She also said that due to changes, the parade will become more of a “victory march” in the community.

Residents are full of hope, county spokesperson Michel Durand said that the county will not think that the issue of the barista uniform will be resolved until the department of Monovets can “confirm the actual operation of the company.

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