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We need to be honest about the Bikinis club, between Buka and all

Western women suffer sexual exploitation. They are portrayed in their media.”

This is the interpretation of the text on the cover of my grade 5 textbook in Iran. Although I didn’t remember the exact wording, the news left a deep impression on me.

Even so, however, I did not buy a conclusion, attention is required that dignified clothing collection, including the cap (veil or womens bikinis sale not) need, therefore, to respect Islamic Republic of Iran’s western standards more than women.
I instinctively felt that in Western women, objectification was not enough to conquer Eastern women.

1981 of the textbook I read, and I learned in Iran in many cases, also helped me critically treat women as how to treat and sexy western media and culture. When I was 1983 years old and my family came to Canada, I can see some of my peers can not see the impact on girls’ free will, on our behavior of fashion magazines and film and television industry, and the impact on how we dress.

As a result, every time we have a “debate” in this country or other religious clothing (including the government of Quebec to the Legislative Committee of “social cohesion” and the Equality Act 62), remember in the textbook channel. Each time I came to the same conclusion: what we need now is conversation, not coercion.
What can we discuss?

womens bikinis sale
Bikinis nightclub is a sign or veil: big liberation and a greater oppression? Is it too far to ask this question?

There is a huge difference between allowing and demanding these extreme systems and values. However, either the system gives us the autonomy of women to complete. It can also make us objectified or enforced.

Is not a religion and secular liberation; modest long, flowing clothes, there is no freedom to topless in public streets; establish the relationship more closely, not of God, nor the legislation of gender equality; all of these have succeeded in giving women full autonomy in our bodies and our choose.
All of this has caused us from sexual harassment and beatings. These didn’t stop raping women and girls in the war. None of this prevents abusive marriages. All this prevented young girls from marrying young girls. These are not so that we in the high level of work and the board of directors on an equal footing.

I’m not saying that as a progressive, inclusive society, we should accept and even allow all religious acts or restrictions. We don’t, we can’t. I’m not saying that political, religious and cultural institutions, Bikinis allows the impact on women’s club or burqa of equal rights and equal moral legitimacy. They did not.

But with the extreme interpretation of theocracy or religion, progressive liberal democracies engage us in meaningful discussions rather than forced freedoms. That’s why free democracies should not go beyond their roles and irresponsible legislation, and what women can’t wear.
My point of view seems to have nothing to do with someone – after all, I’m not even Muslim (I’m Jewish) – then who can I put forward my opinion? However, over the years, I adhered to and internalized the values and humility of the Iran countries, so that when we first arrived in Spain and left Iran, I refused to take my headscarf. In Canada, I don’t wear shorts. I didn’t wear a bikini until I was more than 20, and many Jews insisted on wearing a dignified attitude. Therefore, I have discussed these complicated problems and come to my conclusion. I clearly and consciously chose progressive liberal democracy, although it had flaws in the realization of gender equality, national recognition, or religious authority imposed by culture.

I know there is no denying the value of discussion and citizen participation in a sound democratic system.
Dialogue doctrine: we need to have an open, honest, about Bikinis at private discussion, and between all the burqa. For our democracy and our cherished rights and freedoms, we have an obligation to engage in this dialogue. Before we think about whether the next step is necessary or why, this is something we need to discuss.

But the first person to talk about should not be the decision maker, who will impose a wide range of discriminatory laws. They should be women, mainly. We should have a discussion about the Bikinis club and the burqa. We have women in an open and meaningful exchange of our choices and challenges; social and cultural pressures and freedom; oppression and liberation; sexism and misogyny; and whether the Bikinis nightclub in a certain environment or the womens bikinis sale is appropriate.

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