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2022 Eyeshadow – Metallic Eye Shadow

Liz Kennedy photographed by Yulia Gorbachenko

And always showing me first hand what the next trend will be, the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week brought what will be a big bet in makeup: The metallic eyeshadow.

Metallic is very characteristic of the 90’s and now it’s making a comeback and changing the makeup game. There are all metallic colors and for those who don’t like to dare too much, it’s a great choice to bet on metallic black. Who likes to dare, there is a range of options just waiting for you.


To create a complete look, it is important to choose your battle. When opting for a metallic eyeshadow, choose a nude lipstick and a neutral outfit.

You can use the shadow all over the eyelid or just use it as a point of light in the corner of the eye. Following the trend of the HBO series Euphoria, it is possible to create outlines and graphic shapes from the shadow to bring creativity and modernity to the final result.

The eyeshadow doesn’t just need to be tightened at night, it can be incorporated into everyday makeup and produce a glowing, healthy look.

Metallic eyeshadows add a dramatic but also fun touch to makeup.

Tips for using metallic eyeshadows

  • Always prepare your eyes leaving them well hydrated and use a primer to set the eyeshadow better and ensure a good finish.
  • If your skin is fair, bet on silver eyeshadow. If your skin is darker, bet on gold, darker skins match all tones and rose gold tone is universal, it works for all skins. When using a silver tone, use a dark finish to balance it out.
  • Always create a balance in makeup by choosing eyes all and mouth none or vice versa. Avoid exaggerating everything so you don’t look heavy.
  • Always choose two shadow textures to avoid everything becoming one and confusing. It’s good to mix something matte with shimmer or something along those lines.

You don’t need to use a super pigmented eyeshadow, you can use metallic in a discreet tone and it still looks beautiful and classic. It is also interesting to use the brush with flat bristles to have a more localized pigmentation. A small tip is to leave the brush a little damp to make it easier to apply.

If you don’t want to make a full eyelid, bet on the metallic eyeliner. Both the conventional and the new forms look amazing and you can create a range of options.

Be sure to try the metallic eyeshadow at least once and try new looks.

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