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Saudi Arabia allows women at New Beach Resort Bikinis nightclub

The ultra conservative Saudi Arabia Kingdom has announced a luxury resort on the construction of the Red Sea women will be allowed to wear womens bikinis sale nightclub but not completely cover their bodies.
Experts say the ambitious move by the new heir of the Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman is yet another attempt to modernize oil dependency.
Saudi law requires women to face extreme restrictions, including driving or traveling without permission from a male relative. Women also cover up their bodies and make womens bikinis sale  nightclubs traditionally unacceptable in public.
But the government says the resort will be “in line with international standards”, which will cover 50 islands and is expected to attract visitors from all over the world with visa restrictions.
“Needless to say, Prince Mohamed’s vision, 2030, is a problem… About the treatment of women in the world to enhance the relative negative image of the Kingdom, “Massoud Maalouf said,” former diplomats and women’s rights advocates in the Middle East and North africa.
He said the law of foreign women could wear Western clothing in their compounds, but they had to cover all body gowns, gowns, dresses in public. However, the law is not strictly enforced, and foreign women sometimes can wear western style clothes in public. “Women, foreign and Saudi born, do not need to hide their faces,” he said.

Saudi Arabia, like the United States, has a spectrum of regional cultures. The coastal city is often more relaxed, as the central part of the country tend to be conservative, “said Fatimah Baeshen, director of the Arabia foundation in Washington, D.C.” foreign and Saudi women’s clothing in the entire spectrum, some wearing a headscarf, others are not wearing a headscarf. Some include their faces and choose not to go.”
Baeshen, a Saudi national and social economic strategist, believes that the resort will open up more of the Kingdom’s domestic, regional and international visitors. “Saudi Arabia has a strong brand in religious tourism. This is part of a broader effort, and enhance the pedestrian traffic including leisure tourism and other religious diversity, “said Tianyuan Fatimah.
Saudi Arabia faces enormous criticism, imposing strict dress codes from women’s rights groups.
A young woman last month was arrested for wearing short skirts and cutting virus videos. The incident caused an international sensation, after which she was given free sex clothes, Washington Post reported”.
The apartheid system is unfair. “This is a great insult to Saudi Arabian women, foreigners have more rights than locals,” says Sarah Leah Whitson, executive director of the Middle East and North Africa human rights department.
Whitson says she wants the new initiative to be more open, but it must be done right and Saudi women deserve full rights.”
She said before announcing the Saudi women were only allowed to wear a swimsuit and women stadium isolated only swimming pool or some close compounds, but the resort will be the first to open a place where Saudi women wear Bikinis club.
The belief that women’s rigid rules will not change rapidly in Saudi arabia.
“There is no hint that Saudi women’s rules will be relaxed in the near future. However, Prince Mohamed’s vision 2030 may make women’s dress code more flexible. “It is hard to expect rapid and drastic changes at present.”

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