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Spring and Summer Handbags and Clothes Matching

      Most women own more than one handbag so that they can combine them with various outfits and use them for different occasions. Whether it is for formal events or romantic dates, combining your clothes with handbags can be tricky but with some tips anyone can master it!

We can all agree that a classic black or brown handbag is timeless, but a white bag is also a must-have. A lot of people avoid wearing a white handbag because combining it can be very tricky. It goes hand in hand with earthy tones and neutral colors. By adding some accessories that match with the details on the bag, you can never go wrong. Spring and Summer are all about looking fresh, with a little white bag you will achieve just that!

A black tie front blouse with floral prints goes perfectly with a black bag. To make this outfit more interesting and sophisticated, try avoiding wearing all black. Instead, wear pants in same color as flowers (or any other print) on a blouse. Finish it with nude pointed toe heels and you are ready to go. Since this outfit is complete on its own, accessories are optional. 

Pastel blue will be a huge hit for Spring and Summer 2022. This shade goes amazingly well with grays and whites. If you are opting for neutral accessories, shoes or bag, try wearing a dress that has prints. This will elevate your outfit on next level instead of making it boring. In the evening, when it gets colder, you can just throw on a blazer in a neutral color. You can dress this outfit down or dress it up, it is all about accessorizing to get a different look.

The easiest way to combine a handbag with your outfit is to choose it in the similar shade as the details on your dress. Wearing a hat is also a great idea to complete your outfit, especially if it is the same color as your bag. Avoid wearing too much colors, so make sure to match your jacket with ankle boots. For Summer, just replace the ankle boots with brown sandals and a leather jacket with a brown cardigan.

 A handbag is the perfect accessory to stay fashion forward.  

Always choose colors that complement each other and remember – don’t overthink it. 

Which outfit idea is your favorite? 

Let us know how you like to combine handbags with your outfits!

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