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Kourtney Kardashian wears the new neon green bikini from Australian brand TJ Swim and goes to Bali during her annual Kardashian family vacation. This stunning little real star contrasts her black lock with a fluorescent green Australian-designed bikini, and TJ Swim’s famous high cut, minimalist luxury design reveals her curves.

Kardashians is known for their slim-fit bikinis and sees the oldest Kardashian sister in Australian designs, which shows that TJ Swim is becoming more internationally known. Kourtney asked TJ Swim’s latest NEON collection of bikinis to travel in Bali, and the family is filming their popular reality TV show. Keep up with the Kardashians.

TJ Swim’s NEON collection will be launched on Wednesday, November 14th, including the neon green ‘Candice Bikini’ worn by Kourtney in Bali. The new collection was inspired by the popularity of fluorescent color patches on the runway of high-end designers such as Jeremy Scott, Gucci and Balenciaga earlier this year. Australian designer Tara Jane cleverly combines the release of the NEON collection with one of Australia’s best summers to ensure the perfect beach weather.

“Our latest NEON series has been in use for a few months and we are happy to launch it! The collection includes 3 popular neon colors including pink, yellow and green and futuristic silver metallic. These colors It has been loved and worn by Kardashians for the past few months, so we are very happy that we are approved!

Aussie swimwear brand TJ Swim, created by 24-year-old designer Tara Jane, saw Kourtney Kardashian, a huge victory for the brand and the designer itself.

“I am a big fan of Kardashians, so when Kourtney asked TJ SWIM Bikini for a recent vacation, I was very excited. It’s definitely one of my proudest moments to date!”

TJ Swim’s NEON series has been on sale until their series is released. Stay tuned for the look of shopping Kourtney. It’s too late.

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