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Miss Brazil, Miss Pu, made a strong statement about wearing a meat Bikinis nightclub

This year’s miss Peru pageant was a highlight of the competition. The players spoke in politics, dealt with women’s problems, and stated the fact that women were treated in Peru.

Now, Bumbum Brasil, the contestant from the annual beauty pageant, followed her own political statement on the platform of the competition.


Contestant Ms. Bumbum, miss, sports meat Bikinis nightclub protested in recent sexual harassment complaints.
Like Gaga, this sentence is loud and clear: “we’re not a piece of meat.”.”

About a week ago, the global attention of Peru women contestants stepped onto the stage, giving painful statistics rather than objective hip and bust proportions, usually in South American women.

The winner of miss Bumbum in Brazil is Rosie Oliveira, a 28 year old journalist and model from amazon. She used the game as a step into deeper social problems, and by changing the whole country.

The model of Brazil ousted president, has been # foratemer label, “go out, Temer,”

According to the Washington Post, beauty pageant as a political issue, is not the new media building, but has become a wonderful stage to strengthen the voice of women’s rights.

“We’re not just a beautiful womens bikinis sale ” the caption says. “We talk about politics too.”

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