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What kind of suit must be used, according to your body?

Your womens bikinis sale size or shape, waist and hips you decide what is your perfect. Follow these skills
The perfect choice for bathing, often require several hours. Every summer, the trend has changed, our brand offers more choices, however, is not the best advice about our body to achieve the perfect bikinis or find a decent, there is rain, we feel comfortable.

Provide tips on some experts: looking for the ideal.

womens bikinis sale
Big breasts
If you have many choices, you want it chest bra, bra style and ring and adjustable bandwidth. In the chest, help you better from its volume. In the choice of a color, tone and avoid gambling, white patterns.
Small breasts
In order to improve your chest girl, in addition to the typical one can wear bikinis or folding goggles cleavage and central heart, acordonados collar or collar. It is very stylish bikinis off shoulder falbala collarband, to create a perfect visual effect increase.

Wide back
The ideal is the asymmetric cleavage suffer for the faults of another. Therefore, belittle your shoulder and collarbone area and transfer notice a harmony of your body.

Hip size
If your hips and shoulders are wider, use solid color or printed small and smooth side stripes, tones to help disimularlas. In addition, with emphasis on the top color or edge. On the contrary, if you have several res ltalas hips, tie, or a stripe on both sides.

Ecological alignment of shoulders and hips. In this case, choose the womens bikinis sale, perhaps, or that the trikinis retro feeling curve. This season, the cutting forces continue to cut estilizan, focus, and help your silhouette. Choose an opening side to adjust your waist.

Help the national pattern of stripes or create a volume in the chest and buttocks. Also, you can use the knotted tassels or ruffled womens bikinis sale in the buttocks.

Cover up the belly
You hide the excess solution in this area, one or a set of calzonetas high. With flat and dark, you can adjust your profile with a small and smooth fringe pattern. People help swimsuit belly or you can choose to turn collar volume was distracted.

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