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Is the perfect picture destroying our journey?

Hanna is a young travel blogger, Logan said, in one of his posts, how “the pursuit of beauty is ruined all the travel.”.” Share your paper: how to improve the network and how it affects our adventures.
“Usually, I don’t agree. I can’t tell you my photos……” I read it a few times, and I wrote an image or Instagram, Facebook. A photograph is a woman with a sweet smile or a beautiful scenery in front of the building. Maybe it’s not good. In the article, he blamed hot or cold, long walks. Anything to explain why it’s not perfect, even though it’s done. Because, to some extent, in an industry, we should pursue adventure, dirty, wet, and also embarrarnos and sweat, we should always be beautiful. Somehow, if we don’t punish us.”

Logan opens his input like this, and we can’t say he’s not right. In fact, even though our preferred account does not completely follow this pattern, we are travelers and tourists attractions and wonderful reality, the aesthetic choice than a suitcase, a complete travel. But what really worries us is: why is this “fault” in our constant world?” We apologize for all the women, because we’ve grown up, and most of all, if we’re not pretty, clean, pretty. “This is purely gendered socialization,” explains psychologist psychologist xian.

Therefore, we invite you to check the configuration file in Instagram women is more travelers, including, for example, tuffen Jennifer – izkiz (2 million 700 thousand followers, for _ Bren gypsea – 1 million 900 thousand – Lun Angelica block, or 1 million 200 thousand. How many womens bikinis sale are there in these photos? I love watching them ‘and’ the comp ralas, the other to wear more clothes. Did you notice that? Now, the faces of search pictures are red, sweating, or curling in their hair, hiking and moisture in the rain. It’s almost impossible, and it’s not because they don’t exist. Yes, some of them are unbelievable. But women believe it…… Okay, that’s not enough ‘pretty’. These photos.”

womens bikinis sale
Trend: photos are easy to observe travel, especially the most successful accounts, and they are becoming more and more popular.” I want to have a much more concerned about the most areas of aesthetics today, especially the social networks involved. We want everything to be perfect, to show the world what we don’t have, the people I want to be. One does not know that life is just as good and satisfying as life, because it is not measurable. We like Instagram can measure in, sometimes, we want to know our calculations, we like to review, clarify the “immortal”.

Gomes, Professor of photography at the exchanges in the school of Social Sciences and the European University, “there is a trend of aesthetics of reception and around us through the media, advertising, film, and, of course, is in the fashion. This is a recognition of and a welcome response to the mode of conduct of the royalties and the need to respond to the needs of society. “It’s not a new thing, it happens all the time,” he explained.

He also reminded us that we also had always been beautiful in the magazine: “no travel than they realize image quality, care and attention to small details are often idealized, because, obviously, our readers consumption”.

Professor Dr. Martha Marin, Ramon Llull University, master of fashion aesthetics and Communication Director, said one of the reasons, the outline of fashion photography has changed the “amateur” social network not only meet the huge temptation, but also stressed: “the crucial market under the background of image enhancement and other visual facts the expression, and help us to become one of the most notorious repute and relevant,” he warned.

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