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Everett’s firm bikinis barista rules

Everett did not give up the new rules for womens bikinis sale  , including dressing, banning business models.

Earlier this week, the city’s lawyer submitted a written document in the U.S. District Court in Seattle. Last month they deal with the litigation brought by the baristas. City barista asked the judge to throw it against the regulations, especially the dress.

Their lawyer told the judge that the proposal will affect the ability of Everett command to enforce the law.

“The city didn’t make these rules because everyone was offended by women in the Bikinis nightclub,” assistant prosecutor Ramsey Ramerman said in a statement Friday. “The city recorded prostitution, historical violations, in the bikini barista public masturbation development station in Everett.”

The plaintiffs believe that the city’s response is “ostrich like its head in the sand”, says Schuyler Lifschultz, the boss of a station has been a spokesman for the lawsuit.

He said the city’s legal strategy is “absurd to use tax”.

The womens bikinis sale  and their employers that act in violation of their human rights, including freedom of speech. The municipal government agreed to hold these rules in the review before the judge. Everett’s Bikini war has become a national Headline – many of which focus on puns and Puritanism – often skipping complex histories. Even if it is a misnomer, because the clothes under review usually includes a plurality of labels and a thong.

The new court documents from the Everett Sgt. James Collier police is a 23 page manifesto. He said, “through the bikini” stands modeled on strip clubs, which employ and retain attractive tips for young women. The criminal investigation is resource intensive, to convince the jury of undercover surveillance video, Collier said. He said that only the owners can prevent bad behavior culture, and no policy change to make them responsible.

“This led to the illegal behavior in bikini coffee booming, the same factor is also trying to stop illegal acts with its current tools, the enforcement of the law is very difficult and expensive,” he wrote.

Over the years, the city has been seeking civil sanctions, to curb illegal behavior in the stands. Criminal cases produce a lot of videos, in which naked or almost naked women are recorded without their knowledge. The video has attracted the public records request, caused a public headache. The picture is usually not that whether the owners of complicity.

The plaintiff questioned why the police to visit the Bikinis nightclub often beautiful women, and recorded.”

The city says in a new document that local bad behavior is continuing because of the local “sexual atmosphere” and attractive men.

“The bikini coffee model caused a similar problem, and the whole country did not stop in the 2013 and 2014 surveys,” Ramerman said.

Coffee maker said it confused with those legitimate representatives of organized prostitution Gang’s mistakes.

“Bad egg has been eliminated years ago,” said Schultz liv. “These problems are in the past… Don’t drink coffee in the Bikinis nightclub prostitution girl.”

The city claims that there is not much separation, saying that the main plaintiff in the case was bail for “Italy espresso lady”.

Coffee also said that they have been treated unfairly instead of other business such as alarm. Many of their legal arguments in dealing with city response, Leif Schultz said.

Police said, driving through the window into the restaurant privacy is not present in the activities of creating opportunities. Leif Schultz said, driving through the office than the same.

Everett has hired a psychotherapist that naked women and society is disadvantageous, according to court documents. The plaintiff said Friday that there was no correlation between this argument “, has no meaning, just a problem.”

City in August through the outfit, asked the clerk to wear the smallest vest and shorts. The city has also expanded the definition of indecency, to include some skin regions. In addition, it also created a new kind of misdemeanor, known as “promoting indecency”, is aimed at business owners.

The lawsuit alleges that the rules are too vague, please pay attention to and supervise the staff to perform. The city said it would not focus on minor violations, such as measuring the hem, but the system’s shortcomings.

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