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Queen Rigby & Peller Cheap Sexy Lingerie fitter lost the Royal authorization to release the following

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Rigby & Peller Cheap Sexy Lingerie, the company offered to the queen, has lost a book that its royal authorisation reveals the details of her work by its director.

In June, Kenton told reporters that she was a “very sad” decision, which was released last year in the D cup.

It’s not clear whether the two things are connected.

Rigby & Peller, the 1960 Royal authorizations, expressed “deep sorrow” to confirm that it had been cancelled.

Mrs. Kenton is a regular visitor to the Buckingham Palace. The royal family includes the queen, the Queen Mother and the princess Margaret.

Her autobiography provides some details about her work.

Kenton, 82, told the daily telegraph, “it’s very sad for me, they don’t like it, and I find it hard to accept.” It’s terrible. It’s shocking.

“I never thought I’d write this book for anyone to feel uneasy.”
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She added that the book was “nothing naughty”. If she did not mention that she had worked for the queen, there would be a big hole in her memoirs.

Mrs. Kenton’s daughter, Jill Kenton, told reporters: “she was ravaged. This book is not a kiss and a tell. This is a gentle memoir. She is not unfaithful. ”

Rigby & Peller said in a statement: “the Royal  Cheap Sexy Lingerie Warrant Committee has decided to award the Peller and Mrs. Rigby & June Kenton’s Royal Warrant canceled.

“The decisions of Rigby and Peller are deeply grieved and unable to further cancel the respect for the Queen’s majesty and the Royal Warrant holder Association.

However, the company will continue to provide exemplary and prudent services for its customers.

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