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What Are Most Popular Skin-Care Tools

The first tip to better skin is not bringing your hands anywhere close to it. There are several invisible microorganisms and dust particles that lie on your palms. When you cleanse, scrub and tone your face, your pores are open and your skin is vulnerable. Bringing any form of dirt closer will erase the positive benefits. In that case, using proper skin care tools will not only keep invisible dirt away but also rejuvenates your skin cells and boosts your blood circulation. Here are a few tools that you can use –

Iris Massager

Also known as Foreo Iris, this device is used to get beautiful under eye skin. This facial tool vibrates mildly to drain the lymphatic fluid from under the eye region so that you won’t get puffy eyes or eye bags. It prevents wrinkles too and also helps in maintaining nice ocular health.

Cleansing Device

When you use that cleansing cream, go for a vibrating cleansing device instead of your hands. It slowly spreads the product across your face, the mild vibration will detach the dirt from the skin layer and also opens up the pores for further steps in your facial. The vibration will also relieve you of stress and anxiety.It is quite satisfying if you ask me.

Micro needling tool

The whole point of the microneedling tools is to generate the formation of new collagen for firmer skins. The small needles will pierce the skin and a quick rejuvenation follows, enabling collagen and elastin formation. This will give healthier and younger looking skin.

Blackhead Pore suction device

You should never force the blackheads to come out. That’s a universal fact that the beauty queens have to keep in mind. Instead, you can use these vacuum tools that will suck out the extra sebum, blackheads and white heads after a good facial steam.


Skin freeze tools

The cold can make you glow like a superstar! Place these skin freeze tools in the freezer and roll them on your face after you wake up. This will prevent pore formation, shrink the existing pores and also promote good blood circulation. You can use them to instantly feel refreshed, anytime during the day.

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