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Geri Horner, 46, brought back her sexy brown bikini in her iconic music video, Mi Chico Latino… 19 years old

When she wore a brown bikini in the 1999 solo music video Mi Chico Latino, she caused a sensation.

Geri Horner showed her incredible figure in a sexy Instagram post, bringing back almost the same two pieces.

The 46-year-old babes walked along the shoreline while showing off her bodybuilding abdomen with a big smile on her face.

She didn’t say where she was, just saying that her situation was much colder than the photo shows.

The mother of two children wrote: ‘Freeze! I used to swim in the ocean. But the ward feels very good. #loveyourself #fresh. ‘

Ma Chico Latino was a huge success 19 years ago and starred in her debut solo album “Schizophonic”.

She is currently reuniting with Spice Girls, without Victoria Beckham, and the girls will perform a series of performances next summer.

Earlier this month, Geri said that Victoria, also known as Posh Spice, was still a member of the band, although she decided not to participate in the tour.

She told Jonathan Rose: ‘The five of us always have this thing, we support each other on the stage and on the stage.

“We did talk to her and meet her. We said, “Look, you are not on stage or on stage.” It doesn’t matter.”

“The thing is, we are very proud of Victoria. She works very hard and her achievements are amazing.

“She will always be a hot girl, as we will always do.” Mel C added, “M I hope we can come back together, I want to travel to the US too! It will work at some point!”

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