Get Ready for the Hottest Denim Trend of Summer 2024!
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Get Ready for the Hottest Denim Trend of Summer 2024!

One piece of clothing that does not go out of style is none other than denim. The only thing that changes is how we style this wardrobe staple. There is nothing quite as special in life as your favorite pair of denim and for good reasons. Denim jeans are flattering, reliable, and sturdy.

If you want to be on top of the fashion trend, here is what you should know about one of the best spring and summer 2024 jean trends that is hitting the streets right now. If you have been scrolling your social media feeds like Instagram lately, you may have noticed this new emerging denim trend.

Last year, wide-leg jeans were making waves in the fashion department and the styling of these denims is more towards 90’s minimalism. For this season, cuffed jeans are popping up everywhere, from the fashion girls to style icons like Olivia Rodrigo and Bella Hadid. During the recent Fashion Weeks, many models were spotted with a styling trick and that is single-fold, thick cuffs.

What’s great about cuffed jeans is that you can follow this trend with the jeans that you already own. It is super easy to try this at home. Just take any pair of jeans that are too long like 3 to 6 inches in length and give it a single roll up. The bigger the cuff, the better. No tailoring is needed for this trend. Keep the cuffs in place by ironing or sewing them. If you want to keep the cuff permanent or just want an excuse to add another pair to your closet. you can check out some pre-cuffed jeans from brands like Reformation, Abercrombie, Banana Republic and many more.

The are many ways to style cuffed jeans and the options are endless. Cuffed jeans are available in an array of color choices from light to dark. You can also find these jeans in different fits like straight leg, wide leg, boyfriend style, high waisted, baggy and etc. Jeans that are cuffed at the hemline are a cool way to style your favorite denim.

Ways To Style Cuffed Denims 

Below are some incredibly chic and effortless outfit ideas that feature a pair of cuffed jeans.

Styled It Rolled Up

Wear your turned-up jeans with a leather jacket and a pair of chunky boots or pointed-toe booties to give you an effortlessly chic look. This outfit is casual, and cool and is great for those laid winter-back days.

Try The Cool Girl’s Vibe

Are you looking to channel the cool girl vibe? One of the was to do so is to pair your cuffed jeans with your favorite sneakers, like the classic Sambas. Then you can put on a fluffy knit sweater to complete the look. This outfit is super comfortable and stylish. 

Anything Oversized 

If you are keen to give the oversized look a try, you can style your cuffed jeans with an oversized bulky jacket. Another look is to wear an oversized button-down white shirt with cuffed jeans. Both these looks are ideal for channeling the carefree and relaxed vibe while still looking absolutely chic.

Add A Touch of Spring with Floral Sweaters

Nothing screams spring like a floral sweater. Pairing your cuffed jeans with a floral sweater will give you keep you looking fresh for spring. As for shoes, you can wear a pair of heels. This is a good combination that will give the perfect mix of femininity with an edgy touch.

Stylish Layering 

Want to take the cuffed jeans look to another level? Try layering it with a coat. Having a coat will not only keep you warm and cozy on chilly days but it also adds depth to your outfit.

Chic Workwear 

Cuffed jeans for work? Yes you got it right. Of course you can wear cuffed jeans to the office and knowing how to style it is the trick. Pair a basic crisp shirt with cuffed jeans and you are good to go. Don’t forget your accessories to get a professional and stylish look.

Oversized Neutral Shade Sweater 

Many of us just cannot get enough of the warm and fuzzy feeling right? Just wrap yourself in an oversized sweater to experience this while wearing cuffed jeans. Choose sweaters in neutral tones for a timeless look that will still be trendy for years to come.

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