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Olivia Culpo looks like a Hollywood girl in a colorful bikini because she enjoys mangoes during a tropical vacation

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Olivia Culpo’s bikini looks incredible, and she seems to know this because she often posts texture images in swimsuits to social media.

It’s no different on Wednesday, because the 26-year-old beauty uploaded a picture to Instagram, wearing a fun striped two-piece suit with a straw hat and a Fendi bag as an accessory.

The former Miss America sat in a black hammock and enjoyed a plate of cut fruit. The title says ‘will work 4 mango’.

This is after the fashion expert shares her image with her boyfriend.

The brunette released a cute photo with her boyfriend Danny Amendola before the first NFL game of the season.

The star of the model team showed the body of the murderer in the pool picture, wishing the new Miami Dolphins good luck.

In the photo, the couple saw each other smiling at sunset in an amazing infinity pool.

‘Dolphin was born!!!!! Killed my love today. You always do this,” she wrote in the title.

Amendola recently signed a two-year contract with the Florida team and scored the first game of the season on Sunday.

In the picture, Culpo’s rocky hard abs protrudes over the water, wearing a white bikini with an off-shoulder.

Her 32-year-old athlete boyfriend showed her muscular physique while watching the beauty queen.

After re-igniting their two-year relationship recently, the pair of people appeared together in the picture.

The former Miss Universe began dating a foreigner when she played for the New England Patriots in 2016.

The two men broke the situation in March this year, but they returned together in the summer. Before dating Amendola, Model Squad’s star briefly recorded Tim Tebow and established a long-term relationship with Nick Jonas.

Culpo has been a busy bee recently when she promoted her new documentary series Model Squad at E! It is currently airing on Fashion Week.

When the show was promoted last week, the beauty queen finally commented on the recent collaboration between musicians and international film star Priyanka Chopra.

“I think anyone can find love, especially in this industry – because it’s hard. Culpo said in an interview with PEOPLE Now that you can see a record of the inability to solve the problem. “So I am happy for him.

She went on to say: “I hope everyone can find love and happiness. This does not mean that I do not want him to do so.

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