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5 Best of Slip Dresses for Summer

There was a time when people heard about slip dresses; they considered those dresses as “bedroom-only” dresses. But with time, such dresses have received immense popularity among women. When popular people like Kate Moss took the dress style from the bedroom, the red carpet, that changed everyone’s mentality. Made of the delicate and silk garment, slip dresses look just awesome, and for summer, a slip dress can be a perfect option to get maximum comfort. Now, let’s have a look top 5 slip dresses that you can buy for summer and look super stylish too.

  1. Lingerie slip dress with laces

Well, not all prefer to wear lingerie for a day. But when you see the lingerie dress of Dolce & Gabbana, you will feel like trying it our now. Fulfill that Sicilian widow fantasy with this dress, turning heads of men. They can’t stop themselves from staring at you. Want to have a more decent look with this? A stylish cardigan or a coat will get the work done. This summer, this can be a perfect slip dress for you. Go for it now.


  1. Cuyana silk slip dress

You will love this slip dress for its maximum feminine details. Made of high-quality material, this slip dress will offer your body a sufficient level of comfort during summer. A well-designed back panel and the subtle slit near the leg portion, you will find this dress more versatile. For a formal occasion, you can use it with a pair of minimalist heels or a slide sandal. The choice is yours. This dress is guaranteed to be your wardrobe mainstay for summer.

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  1. Satin seamed v-neck slip dress

You will definitely fall in love with this slip dress for its super comfortable flow fit, a perfect V-neck design, and the beautiful asymmetrical front seam. All these add a sufficient level of sexy vibe to this dress. Feel confident while roaming around with this dress. You can combine the dress with a pair of heels or with sneakers; the choice is yours. Go for any color you want. It may look simple yet super sexy.

  1. Reformation crimini slip dress

Why should you go for this one? Well, just look at the dress’s thigh-high slit. It looks breezy and sexy. To make you feel comfortable to wear, this slip dress comes with adjustable straps, and you can get unlimited patterns and colors. Give it a try.

  1. Squareneck slip dress

The shiny silk comfortable material and the unique square neckline, the combination is great. This slip dress is an ideal outfit for formal occasions.  During the day time, just wear it with a white tee.



The Most Stunning Summer Looks You Can Also Try

Summer is the time when you can live under the sunshine and swim under the dancing waves. It is all about enjoyment and you don’t want to stay under the confines of your home. When you step out, what you wear matters and that defines your summer personality too. Now that you have your summer body ready, here are a few outfits that you can wear. Undoubtedly, they are going to make you look stunning and confident.

White t-shirts are very underrated and people should have them in their wardrobe. They can be worn in several combinations and they ever disappoint you. The first summer outfit is a white t-shirt tucked into a printed, dotted or leopard print silk skirt. The side slit is going to bring in the flavor of sensuality. The best shoes and right goggles complete the look.

Another simple summer outfit is a formal shirt that is unbuttoned and an impressive knot is formed over your navel. You can wear black jeans or denim shorts under this shirt. Keep your hair up and grab that sling bag before heading out. Do not draw attention to your footwear and opt for good slip-ins.

The fashion bombs with slender figures can go for bodycon dresses this season. But extravagant clothing is not the ideal choice for the hot months. Instead, go for a short dress with dots or slight shimmer. Drop the sleeves and embrace the straps. You will love the vibrant look.


If you are someone who prefers to stay sophisticated and poised, you will love the combo of bell bottom pants and crop tops. Puff up the sleeves or choose the ones that have a good ruffle. In summers, prefer to wear pastel colors so that you don’t get sunburnt. And around the greenery, your light colors will attract attention.

The last fusion look is wearing a deep neck white blouse, tucked into good ripped denim shorts. You can also go for the crop tops. The best part of the attire is the blazer. Combining the casual with the formal, this attire is great for summer hangouts.

These Summer Dresses Under $20 to Shop Now

Summer has always been the season for the adoption of new trends when it comes down to the matter of making a fashion statement. The hunt for new fashion has always been one of the most integral parts that have been associated with the feminine mind. The demand for new fashion clothes with a variety of vibrant colors and designs has been the major priority in addition to having the fashionable clothes within a range that can be helpful to suit the pocket every individual. Some of the major summer dresses that can be found within the most convenient budget of $20 are,

Unforgettable Khaki Solid Color Knit Sweater Full-Length Chic Fashion

The dress is one of the best summers wears that comes up with the most elegant looks that come from the loose full sleeves of the dress. The major benefit is that it comes with a fallen shoulder and does have the looseness that is helpful in providing the best comfort to the wearer in addition to the solid color that it comes up with make it one of the finest choices that are easily worn above any bottom wear.


cheap sweater

Orange Full Sleeves Loose Knit Sweater Round Collar Home Clothes

The product is one of the most affordable plus size clothing that comes up with the most futuristic design that comes up with the patchwork design in 3 variable colors. It is one of the few designs that come up with sheer comfort by the loose-fitting that it has. The product is the outcome of one of the softest materials and has the option of having full sleeves in it.

fashion sweater

Exquisite Royal Blue Turndown Collar Sweater Long Sleeve Ladies

The product has one of the best Camouflage designs that are most suitable for women in the summers. The best advantage of the product is the availability of a zipper system that helps in maintaining the perfect fitting of the outfit. The outfit adds to its beauty by having the inclusion of the turndown collar design. It also has the presence of side pockets that helps in maintaining the warmth of the hands.


fashion clothing

Dazzling Black Halter Neck Mini Dress Polka Dots Quality Assured

The vibrant one-piece comes up with the most attractive design that inculcates the polka dots and having 100% polyester material. This is the most affordable and comfortable mini dress that can be wear in summers. The halter neck design, fitted waist of this mini dress, gives the most elegant and sexy look to the wearer. Typically, this mini dress comes up with the lower back design, which gives a feminine look by highlighting the back-portion skin.


summer dress

Particularly Black 3/4 Sleeve Spot Print Mini Dress Honeymoon

This product is one of the major ones in the field of mini dresses wholesale. Basically, this product is widely used in parties and functions as it has a fashionable look. According to the recent trends, this product has a very simple button design along with a Slim-fitting waist cut.

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Feelingirldress.com is one of the best brands that provide the best and trendy clothes within the most affordable price.


You Will Love these Popular Midi Dresses

When the temperature becomes high, it gets harder to go for the regular outfits. In such a situation, you will prefer to go for something that can keep your body cool, along with can make you look stylish. Well, this is where you can go for midi dresses, which are considered as ideal summer outfits.  With this, you can quickly wear it and achieve a complete dressed-up look without investing much of your energy.

Such dresses are elegant andincredibly flattering. Besides, it produces a romantic vibe. Here you will discover some best and popular midi dresses that you try it this summer.

  1. Floral patterned midi dresses

We all love simple yet elegant looks. So, why don’t you try out a floral-patterned midi dress? In fact, you won’t get more romantic than such a dress. Choose a perfect fit and combine it with a jacket, prefer to have a leather jacket and a pair of boots. Now, you are ready to hit the street. Roam around the city with style.

floral dress

  1. Ribbed sweater dress

In general, sweater dresses come under two different categories, i.e., skin-tight or oversized. Made of high-quality soft fabric, such dress perfect meet in the middle like and complements your curves. Dot worry; you will not face suffocation with this. Wear it along with a trendy boot.

  1. Midi tank dress

Looking for something that you can wear during casual events? Well, go for a midi tank dress style. The dress combines elegance and style. An easy and comfortable midi dress that goes well with every woman. While buying, prefer to buy an oversized design to attain a funky, stylish look.

  1. Turtleneck midi dress

Such type of midi dress can bring a perfect balance and enhance your overall look. Go for a long sleeves turtleneck midi dress, which offers adequate coverage and warmth. What’s more? The side slit design let to show off your sexy look. This amazing piece of dress can go perfectly with any type of shoes. But if you have a blue or black colored dress, then prefer to use cowboy boots. The combination will look fantastic.

  1. Tie waist midi dress with long sleeve

Want to flaunt your sexy figure with a midi dress? Maybe you won’t find a better option than this. Go for design having deep side slits, a waistline cinching tie, and a perfect fit. That’s it. You are all set to make yourself look beautiful for your party.

  1. Off-the-shoulder midi dress

Flaunt your beautiful shoulder with such types of midi dresses. Well, combine it with sneakers to get a sporty look.


Go on and try out these midi dresses now. You will definitely fall in love with these dresses.

5 Plus Size Dress Style Hit Every Single Summer

 Finding the perfect choice for your plus size summer collection might be a bit challenging. However, with the right guidelines in mind, you can still stay hot and sexy all summer long. For example, instead of going for synthetic fabrics like polyester, look out for natural fabrics like cotton and linen. Natural fabrics are more breathable and are perfect for your skin for the weather condition, which makes you sweat less. And even when you do, natural fabrics would not stick to your body. For a variety of the best dresses you should be caught in this summer, check these out:

Shein Plus Keyhole Back Surplice Wrap High Low Dress

This high low dress is everything you need and more. It is a perfect way to show some skin without being embarrassed during summer, when it gets all windy. The length of the back keeps you from flashing the entire world, while the front high cut makes you show some legs. Also, it is a wrap dress that is most suitable for persons with fuller upper bodies and broad shoulders. The neckline gives a perfect illusion of a longer chest than broad shoulders, and that is just what you need. Apart from these, this beauty is made of rayon, which is one of your best bets during summer. It is definitely a must have.

Plus Floral Print Halter Belted Dress

This amazing Boho belted maxi dress is definitely a must- have this summer. It perfectly accentuates the arms, shoulders and waistline, while gracefully flattering the lower parts of your body. The halter neckline is perfect for the weather, as it lets your underarms breathe without worrying about chafing or obvious sweat lines. This leaves your underarms fresh and sexy all day long.

Plus Ruched Surplice Cami Dress

This dress does not only make you look slimmer, (going by the dark color rule), it definitely highlights all your assets in the right proportion. You can flaunt your slim shoulders, as well as you bust and your hot legs with all confidence, and this shifts the focus from your tummy area. With this in your wardrobe, you sure would be killin’ it at that dinner you have planned out.

Plus Broderie Bodice Ruffle Hem Dress

This dress is certainly a way to look casual, yet chic and sexy. Very suitable for body figures with slimmer shoulders, it accentuates and highlights the right curves and skin. Made of cotton, this skin friendly dress leaves you less sweaty all through the day. This is definitely worth going for.

Plus Oblique Shoulder Striped Curved Hem Belted Dress

Just like every other staple piece, shirt dresses also do not go out of style. If you want just a bit of skin exposure, then this is for you. The belt definitely does a good job of highlighting your waist line and making it the point of focus. Fabric has no stretch so it gives a firm fit on you. This is a perfect way to look casual and hot.