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Cute light jackets to layer in cold weather days

When you walk around the city only to start noticing the Holiday vibes starting to emerge, it can mean one thing. It’s time to kiss Autumn weather good buy and start planning our winter activities. There is only one thing more important that going on a winter adventure, staying warm while doing so. Winter jackets are a bit more lightweight that traditional coat, however they are more than capable to keep you warm and stylish- especially if you know how to layer them properly.

Even though all we need is a maxi super puff coat during the coldest of the days, we can live our best lives wrapped inside our jackets for the biggest part of the season. They are comfy and warm enough to help you battle the cold winter days, but not as chunky as their big sitters- not to mention super stylish.

Faux leather jacket, moto style designs and truck suits are so in right now. If you are a revolutionary spirit like us, and want to rock all your favorite jackets instead of putting on the same 3 coats all winter long then keep on reading, this one is for you.

There are so many amazing designer alternatives to get the best quality styles for way less this year. Just because a style is currently trending, doesn’t mean you cannot wear them in your own personal way and make it look awesome! The possibilities are endless, the colors and patterns can be really overwhelming, so today we made a list of the top most versatile jacket styles to layer this winter and still be warm in the process.

Cn you believe this jacket is under $25? Imagine all the ways you can layer this style with your favorite hoodies, sweaters, high waisted jeans and joggers. It can be the perfect addition to your wardrobe especially if its lucking color.

We get it, this style isn’t for everyone’s taste, but it is surely a unique way to stand out with your styling choices. Fur is so in right now and even though we have seen it in many different variations nothing is as unquie as this one.

This is definitely the warmes style in this list and perhaps the easiest color to match with your pre existing wardrobe. Go all neutral for a chic, clean look though out the day.

This ultra chic and ladylike puffer jacket is strictly for those who dislike the chunky look of all the other puff designs. The color can be styled in many different ways and the pattern itself can complement everyone’s body type.

There is not much to say about moto jackets. They will always be at the top of everyone’s jacket list because they are just classic.

The Spring Dresses Most Girls Will Look Great In

When you hear the word Spring, what are the things that come to your mind? Spring season is all about picnics with friends, the sun peeking through the windows, and the pleasant smell of fresh flowers. Besides, this is also the right time to buy warmer weather clothing. That means it’s time to go for brighter florals, sweeter patterns, and shorter hemlines. If you are gearing up for shopping and looking for some ideas about clothes or dresses for the Spring, then here, we have listed down some best types of Spring dresses that you can try out. The best thing is to buy these dresses you don’t have to break the bank.

  1. Long maxi dress

No matter what is the seasons, a maxi dress will be a comfortable and adorable dress. Maxi dresses are the most popular summer dresses, but you can pair them with another clothing layer during Winter or Spring. This Spring, try out some chic, cool, and floral print maxi dresses and enjoy a charming appearance.

Long maxi dress
  • Ruffled layered maxi dress

When it comes to achieving an excellent level of style and perfect feminine look this Spring, you can always go for ruffled layered maxi dresses. These dresses are timeless and in trend. They come with a long skirt design to your ankles and offer you a fresh style. Whether you are heading for a garden party or lunch event, these maxi dresses will be a perfect choice for you. Try it out now.

Ruffled layered maxi dress
  • Hi-lo flower tunic outfit

There is no doubt that these dresses are quite popular among fashion lovers. The reason behind their popularity is they are versatile and offer an amazingly beautiful appearance. Besides, you can wear them in different ways. For example, you can enjoy the outfit by wearing your hi-lo tunic dress with leggings for this Spring. You can also pair them with your denim jeans for a new look. It’s up to you.

Hi-lo flower tunic outfit
  • Printed flared holiday dresses

No matter what, printed dresses are here to remain in style for years. These dresses are cute, fashionable and offer a decent level of a luxurious look. Your printed dresses will enhance your appealing factor and bring a perfect balance to your look. Whether you are going to a party or on a holiday trip, this dress can be your ideal companion. For a better look, you can use some cute accessories with the dress.

  • Sheer bottom dresses

These flirty and stylish dresses are ideal pieces to wear during this Spring. With a solid upper half and a sheer bottom dress, you can confidently rock it to a concert, night out, or a lunch party with the girls. If you feel cold, wear ankle boots, knee-high boots with this dress.

These Dresses Look Amazing and Keep You Stylish Always

Are you looking for some best and stylish dresses to update your collection of dresses? If yes, then it will be wise for you to spend on something that will last for long and the design will never become outdated.  You can go for statement sleeves; versatile designs pop of colours, edgy silhouettes and more that will never fail to keep you funky, stylish and fresh. Now, let’s have a look at some best dresses that you can buy this season.

  1. Pleated maxi dresses

Looking for a perfect dress for your formal event? Well, there is no need to think about this that much as you can go for a pleated maxi dress for this. They come in different patterns and design. You can choose a dress with oversized sleeves, or you can go for the sleeveless option. Such dresses are perfect for a wedding party and office. For a trendy look, go for a pair of beautiful ankle booties.

Elba DressPleated chiffon maxi dress
  • Try out the layered maxi dress

When it comes to buying a stylish as well as a feminine dress, you can always go for ruffled layered maxi dresses. These are trendy and timeless and will never fail to offer you a stunning supper look. No matter what is the occasion, they will be your perfect companion. From garden party to brunch, wear this anytime you want.

Ruffle Tiered Maxi Dress
  • Midi dress

This is a type of dress that comes between a mini and a maxi dress. When you don’t have any idea about what to wear for an event, this dress will come to your rescue. Such a dress may have a neckline or may come with sleeve length. No matter what is the shape of your body, such dresses will take your beauty to the next level. For an ideal winter look, combine ankles and tights. Try it out now.

  • Sequin mini dresses

It’s time to show off your style and brighten the whole word with mini sequin dresses, especially the multi-coloured options. Such dresses are perfect for any semi-formal events. During the day time, you may prefer to go for the sleeveless option and when the temperature drops, choose the turtleneck dress. When you have such a dress, you will look great with minimal accessories.

  • Puff sleeve dress

Funky and stylish, the puff dresses are getting popular among women. The oversized appearance will effectively cinch your waist, and you can wear it throughout the day without any discomfort. A simple pair of earnings and neckless will be enough to make you look amazing. Just try it out now, and you will find yourself looking cute and stylish. Go for it now.

You Dont Want to Miss These Awesome Shift Dress Tips

Shift dresses are versatile and you can wear them on work or for the weekend parties. Dresses of such patterns traditionally hang slightly loose from the shoulder and fall down straight to the bottom. Looking to the popularity of these dresses manufacturers have come up with some new designs to attract the customers. Some have full sleeves while others are sleeveless but all will give you an attractive look. The best thing is that it offers great comfort in comparison to other types of dresses available in the market. You can easily find plenty of designs in the market such as:

Shift dress with patch work

You can wear this colorful dress on special occasion without any problem to attain an attractive look. The round neck makes you look classy and its long sleeves offers you a sophisticated feel. The pullover style will never make you uncomfortable while doing your other tasks.

Striped shift dress

From black to cool-tones to white you can wear this comfortable dresss every day without any problem. This can also be worn on any special occasion or cocktail party to get a perfect look. You can easily pair it with your long boots to high heels due to its short length.

Shift dress with cap sleeves

The item is made of stretch crepe. The main feature of the shift dress is its long cape sleeves that protect you from sunlight and tanning. On the other hand its belted waist helps in adjusting it according to your needs. The metallic zip allows you to wear and take off easily.

Marquette Shift dress

This white color shift dress is the best option if you are looking for a piece to wear in summers. The A-line shape and cut on armholes make the dress look sexy. The back metallic zipper is the best feature of the dress.

Lace shift dress

The stunning lace hint allows you to show your skin while staying covered. The wonderful flattering shape makes you look slim while its V-neck pattern offers you a chic look. The dress is perfect for evening dates or dinner parties.

Orange color shift dress

This is the best option if you are looking for a comfortable piece for your daily wear. The adjustable shoulder straps allow you to adjust the size according to your need and preference. The elastic trim at shoulder strap prevents it from falling from the shoulder. It also has an invisible zip back closure.

Styles Tips – How to Wear Oversized Sweaters Best

Do you have an over-sized sweater in your wardrobe? Well, your sweater can be a fashionable item for you if you can style or wear it properly. You can wear such a sweater in different ways and look super stylish while maintaining a cozy and comfortable level. You can always wear them with your skirts, leggings, fitted trousers, and skinny jeans. Let’s know more about them.

Different types of an oversized sweater and their styles

These comfortable sweaters are designed to offer a lose fit than your regular sweater, and sometimes it can provide you with a longer length lie your tunics. The popularity of such a sweater is growing, and you can buy different types of sweaters.

  1. Knit sweaters

These sweaters are breathable and soft as they are made of 100 percent natural-fiber fabric, for example, rayon, wool, or cotton. For the best look, you can wear a casual fit knit sweater with a pair of ankle booties and edgy leather leggings. You will look stunning.

  • Coatigan

Not a coat, not a sweater, but this oversized sweater is designed to offer 100 percent comfort and cozy. How to wear it? Well, the dressing up process is quite simple. Use your oversized coatigan sweater with work trousers, a mini skirt, or jeans, based on your style preference. It goes with all.

  • Sweater dress

Your sweater dress can give you a stylish and classical look. If you want, you can take your favorite sweater dress to your work paired with loafers and a plaid trench. Well, if you want to go for a street style outfit, then go on and layer your sweater dress with stylish looking moto-detail leggings and complete your look by using a pair of fashion sneakers.

Things to use with your oversized sweaters

  • Boots

You can get supper classing look by pairing your oversized sweater with boots. The choice is yours; you can go for the ankle booties as well as over the knee boots. With this, choose a skinny legging or denim. You are all set to show off your style.

  • Leggings

These are considered as the perfect comfortable bottoms, and you can confidently use them with your oversized dress. For a unique look, go for something new material like suede or leather. You will shake things up. Use sneakers, heels, or boots for a complete look.

  • Scarves

This will help you to keep your body warm while adding styling factor to your sweater. For a warmer temperature, you can go for a lightweight scarf made of modal, cotton, or rayon fabric. You will feel cozy.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and flaunt your unique style this winter with your oversized sweater.

Look Your Best with These New ASOS Dresses

When it comes to looking sexy and beautiful, you may need some best dresses from a good brand. Well, sometimes, you may not find the design at your local store that a well-known brand like ASOS offers. You might be thinking the branded dresses will be a little costlier for you. But that is not right. The material and style that you get with the dress will surely impress you. So, go on and buy the new ASOS dresses to look stylish. Get ready for the sunshine with ASOS dresses.

  1. ASOS luxe high neck sleeve rib mid dress

This high-neck midi dress will look amazing on your body. In fact, the one-shoulder design will make you look more sexier than before. What’s more? The dress has dropped armhole, and you will feel super comfortable with this dress. With a perfect level of figure-hugging cut, this bodycon is perfect for all types of occasions. Grab it now.

  • People tree maxi dress in rosa print

Are you looking for a cute-looking yet stylish maxi dress? This dress from ASOS can be a perfect option. The dress is made with collaboration with the well-known V&A Museum. The entire body of the dress has rosa print with giving it an amazing look. With three-quarter length, round neck, and gathered waist, you will find it comfortable to wear. This is a regular fit dress.

  • Reebok logo strappy cami dress

What makes this dress unique? Well, it is the asymmetric neck design. To keep you in a sexy form, it has a sleeveless style. Just put on the dress and wear a pair of white or black sneakers and you are all set to enjoy the party.  The cami straps feel comfortable, and there is a reebok logo on the chest. With the figure-hugging cut, this dress offers a perfect bodycon fit. If you are in college and looking for a dress for your night-out party, then this dress will be a perfect option for you.

  • Asos design high neck double layer midi dress

When you are in a mood for a night out, this dress can be your perfect companion. The dress comes with the jacquard chevron pattern, which looks quite trendy. The pleated design, short sleeves, and high neck make it look beautiful. With a draped waist, it will give your waistline a perfect look. Try it out now.

  • Asos design shirred cotton polka dot maxi dress

This dress with trendy polka dot print will make you appear cute as well as beautiful.  The square neck design and puff sleeves make it a perfect dress for different occasions. It also has gathered waist design, stretch shoulders, and cuffs.

Cool H&M Outfits That Defines Your Beauty

Different occasions or seasons call for a different stylish approach to stylish as well as trending dressing. When it is quite confusing to come up with a perfect outfit, when you have little assistance in this, it will not be a major issue for you. So, here we have listed down some best H&M Outfits, which will effectively define your unique beauty. The H&M outfits feature beautiful dresses, developed using different techniques which are best for all.

  1. The denim skirt outfit

Whether you are in search for a trending organic cotton skirt or want to have a past-season style, you can always go for denim skirts. Such skirts are versatile in nature. Want to come up with a sophisticated yet stylish look? Well, all you need to pair it with a boxy denim jacket. Complete your look with a pair of strappy sandals. You will get the outfit for 2020 style.

  • Souvenir tee look

You might have seen the classic vintage band tee? Well, the tee had gone through a tough competition from the H&M souvenir tees. Just imagine about the tee that you used to find in street markets. Well, this one is just like that. H&M has brought you this tee with the collaboration with Desmond & Dempsey. Made of organic cotton, it feels super comfortable. Pair it with jeans and funky shoes to get an attractive look.

  • The deep V outfits

Next time when you are getting ready for a meeting (virtual meeting), you should focus your visible parts, such as neckline and face. How can you do that? Well, for this, all you need to go for H&M plunging V-neck dress. You can give yourself a fresh look with a shorter and chunky necklace. For an extra style, just layer it with a thin chain. That’s it; you are ready for the meeting.

  • Voluminous tunic style

When you are talking about 2020’s silhouette, you can’t just forget the puffy dress. This H&M pared-back tunic made of 100 percent organic cotton will be your best-ever one-piece solution for your sartorial problems. This outfit will let you stay cool during the summer. Want to have an extra style? Just pair it with some stylish metallics.

  • Bermuda shorts dressing style

Are you looking for a cool work from a home outfit? If yes, then you should go for this Bermuda short outfit. Easy and super comfortable to wear, you can stay cool 24hours with this outfit. Just out on a tee on it, and you are all set to start your day. Grab this dreamy magenta short now made of high-quality polyester mix. It will come under your budget.

How To Style A Two Piece Set Skirt For Every Occasion

Two piece set skirts have been trending –especially on Instagram- for quite a while now.  Who is the first person that comes to everyone’s mind as soon as they here this phrase? Yes, Kim Kardashian and her unique ability to pull off any set easily mainly due to her killer curves and hourglass body shape. Many variations of this type of look have been popping up left and right. Some of them have a brief moment of fame and then fade into oblivion when others are here to stay for many seasons to come. In reality a two piece set skirt can be very versatile if styled correctly. Bellow you will find 4 of the most staple set pieces to wear for every occasion.

Let’s go clubbing

Once again a reference to the Kardashian family and to many Instagram baddies. Perfect for a night out clubbing with your girlfriends, this dress will “hug” you like a glove in all the right places . The result? A sexy – and very eye-catching- look especially if it’s styled with a pair of pumps of leather thigh boots and a blazer.

Everyday casual

What is the perfect way to wear a set and still look cute and comfy? Well, this one is for you. A maxi two piece skirt with floral , polka dot or animal prints can be easily worn throughout the day with a pair of sneakers (or sandals) . Styling plays a huge role on weather an outfit is appropriate for any time of the day. With that being said turning this set into a cocktail party outfit is easier than you think. Put on your favorite gold jewelry and  a pair of high sandals and don’t forget the matching clutch.

Chic and classy 

This is something we don’t see as often but is equally flattering – also a great alternative to the classic midi dress-. Two piece sets with high necklines that end just above your waist and a line skirts in neutral colors can be a match made in heaven for summer and fall. Flattering but not revealing this combo can easily be worn to family gatherings and cocktail parties. Don’t forget to put on your favorite earrings and neutral color pumps , thank us later.

Your Guide To The Top Fall 2020 Fashion Trends – How To Style Them

As the years go by fashion is evolving into an eco-friendly, all inclusive market , but we still have a long way ahead of us. From the latest A/W 2020 runway shows to street style gurus we got all the inspiration needed to pull off some remarkable fall outfits  – there is something for every taste- , with no further ado these are the key trends you will see A LOT during the next few months.

Disco is not dead

It may sometimes seem like we are living the era of all shades of neutrals -Track the all the previous runway collections since 2018 for reference- but as it turns out maximalism isn’t yet out of the picture. Bold and sparkly looks are able to transform your grumpy mood within seconds according to physiologists, and we agree.  Taking all the inspo you need from the Disco to rock your favorite glitter, sequence dress with ease.

Boudoir fashion

2019 was all about covering up with an oversized tee, now it’s time to  rock our favorite bra – and bralette-  unapologetically. Take all these lingerie-inspired looks as a sign of freedom. Fall 2020 is a celebration of femininity , what’s a better way to show off your  curves ? Some of the most iconic combinations include sheer black mesh tops with and black latex bras , body positivity all the way!

All shades of skin

Disco may not be dead but neutrals are always on trend too. The runways were field with all shades of nude –from light to medium and dark- to match every beautiful skin shade to the tee. A great way to go out nude , without actually being nude. Take advantage of the wide variety of patterns and styles like the neutral tone biker jacket , the super flattering long sleeve dress or the killer light brown ,leather midi skirt – perfect for a night out in the city-.

Back to the jungle

Over the last few years animal print has become the new “little black dress” and we are here for it. The big puffy leopard print fur coat is once again booming , be that as it may there are plenty of different choices to style this fall 2020 trend including but not limited to long sleeve flowy maxi dresses , black and white zebra blazers and our old trusted friend, the cheetah print skirt – worn with a pair of black Dr.Martens all over Instagram-.

Best Streetstyle Trends from Around the World for 2020

Powersuits are once again on-trend due to their versatility and comfortness  – you can just throw one on and go. Many women prefer to wear theirs oversized despite the fact they’re quite masculine. They can bring out your sexy self with minimum effort – it’s more about what you’re not showing. Tailored pieces always make a woman look more empowered yet effortlessly chic.

Tailored clothing is known to be one of the key pieces for 2020 in too. They are additionally into more style forward combos like the shorts suit, the twofold breasted overcoat, and creased pants. Present days tailored clothing are not what your father used to wear on his business meetings. It’s all about comfort that can also be styled with your favorite athleisure brands

Luxury brand continue their love relationship with ample full-look even for summer, thankfully with some vegan alternatives too and social media adores it.  Oversized coats , leather skirts and bermudas in neutral tones , specifically in every hue of brown are ruling streetstyle fashion . This time all about creating pieces that can be worn all year round no matter the season.

Edward berthelot getty images

The neon trend is back once again along with its die hard followers and sworn enemies. On one hand neon is too bold to wear daily but enough of a statement to catch everyone’s eye. Fluorescent colors in many acid shades have been spotted. Fuchsia seems to be everyone’s favorite and for a good reason. If styled properly can be a great complement to many different skin tones plus, it’s probably the easiest color to style.

As seen on many runway collections from Prada, Bottega Veneta and more, orange the one color every woman needs to have in her wardrobe in 2020. Orange and all its hues can be styled as a fool statement look like a tailored suit or as an individual bold piece like a top, hoodie or a pair of sandals. Once again this year proves that Athleisure is not a passing fashion trend but a movement made for people who adore being comfortable and stylish.