The Best Dresses to Shop in May under $100
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The Best Dresses to Shop in May under $100

Summer is coming, and dresses cannot be missing from your wardrobe. There are many different trends that are on the rise. And you may probably be wondering where and which one to buy. So in this article, you will see the best dresses to buy this month for under $100.

You may have already seen that the ballet core trend is on the rise, and look how beautiful this model above is, it only costs $27.99. It is super cute and feminine. Balletcore is a trend that comes from ballet. The colors are always these shades of light pink, beige, and pastel tones.

The Floral dresses have everything to do with the season, and this one in the photo is perfect. It has bare shoulders, it’s mini, and a very fluid and light fabric. It costs just $51.32 on the Asos website and is a dress for sophisticated women who like lightness and femininity in an outfit.

In addition, the site has several other models in this style, with this price range, or even cheaper. It’s worth checking out to find the perfect dresses that are your style. So you can wear them a lot this coming season.

This is another model that will be successful, a maxi dress, with puffy sleeves and buttons, with striped fabric. it is also beautiful and sophisticated, for powerful women who know how to dress well.

It’s a perfect dress to wear to that special dinner with a loved one, to make you feel elegant. It costs just $23 and is sold at Shein. It is a very tasteful piece, and with a fair price, which is very worthwhile.

Black Dress

For women who love to go out dancing at night, you will want to buy this dress. It costs only $79, is black, and is still mini, perfect for powerful, empowered women who know what they want.

White Dress

For those of you who love an “outdoor” vibe, you’ll want to pick up this ultra-feminine white dress, flared at the bottom, and with a V-neckline for added value. It has the shortest length and leaves a more youthful vibe. And it only costs $18. You can find them for sale at Shein, and in addition to the ones I showed you, the store has many other models of dresses, which you will love, and which have a much cheaper price.

Look how beautiful this floral dress from Zara is, it costs $49.90 and has a very light and fluid fabric, perfect for warmer days! It is a very elegant model, which can be used both day and night.


It’s a very youthful and asymmetrical dress, with ruffles, which is a super trend for the next season! The tip is to bet on these bolder models, to get away from the obvious.

There are many other models under $100 that you are sure to love! Keep an eye out for trends, and bet on those that have to do with you and your style.

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