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Stay Stylish and Comfortable This Autumn Women’s Activewear for Workout

The leaves are turning yellow, and Starbucks has already added pumpkin spiced latte to the menu. We all know what that means, right? The autumn is just around the corner, and it’s time to upgrade your activewear wardrobe because being fit doesn’t mean you can’t be in style. So, this article has all the tips on how you can ensure comfort while remaining stylish when you hit the gym!

1. Use Co-Ord Sets

Be it summer or winter, there’s nothing better than co-ord sets to complete the look because they are timeless and classic. For gym or workouts, you can get tracksuits as they can be worn in any season. When the sun starts shining bright, just take off the upper jacket and pair the bottoms with your comfy T-shirt. On the other hand, in winter, you can experiment with the layers to keep yourself warm and in style.

Seamless Crop Tank & Leggings Set - Chestnut Brown

2. Buy Cropped Sweatshirts

If you want a stylish and cool activewear look, it’s time to add a cropped sweatshirt to the cart. It’s a perfect option for indoor and outdoor workouts. These sweatshirts look incredibly chic, and pair them with your comfy sweatpants for an edgy look. If you prefer a sleek style, choose high-waist sweatpants for your cropped sweatshirts and watch your activewear game become stronger. To make sure your sweatshirts look awesome, wear a bralette under!

Fancy Summer Crossover Rib Bralette

3. Pair a Hoodie with Black Leggings

Every woman has a classic pair of black leggings in her wardrobe, and it’s time you take it out and pair it with a hoodie. You can wear short as well as long hoodies with the leggings, and don’t forget to experiment with the prints. Also, when you are on the street, don’t forget to wear a cap to complete the look. However, if you feel too cold, put on an oversized jacket and watch the heads turn. Also, don’t forget to buy comfortable underwear for women, so the black leggings don’t get ruined.

AirWear Underwear Bundle

4. Use Layering

A winter workout outfit is incomplete without laying. For instance, you can pair the best biker shorts for women with a cropped sweatshirt and put on a chunky jacket on the top. In fact, you can experiment with floor-length duster jackets or puffer jackets, whatever suits your style.

However, if you already have a full gym look, you can wear a fur-lined parka over your gym clothes. In case the wind isn’t too chilly, stick to a zipper sweatshirt or a denim jacket.

5. Play with Prints

We know that you like the shades of beige and black for activewear, but playing with prints will never hurt anyone. We recommend picking up the printed sweatshirts or leggings with funky prints. This will make your gym clothes more visually interesting, and the right pairing actually makes the attire classy. This is a go-to for people who like cute outfits and don’t mind attention.

6. Coordinate the Jacket & Shorts

If you are someone who keeps searching for the best biker shorts for women, it’s time you learn how to pair them nicely, too. So, we recommend coordinating the shorts with a jacket. For instance, if you are wearing beige biker shorts, wear the jacket in the same color, but the t-shirt or cropped shirt should be a different color!

AirWear Bike Shorts

So, which of these styles are you picking this autumn season?

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