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The sammarinese Andrea Iwanejko “Hercules 2018 Men’s Phisique”

Last June 16, Andrea Iwanejko, a 30-year-old Italian-San Marino from 10 years old living in New York in the United States, climbed to the top of the podium of the “Hercules 2018 Men’s Phisique” competition, organized by WNBF, the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation , Recognized organization among the largest and most prestigious in the world of natural bodybuiding.

Men’s Phisique is the category in which Andrea Iwanejko has excelled. A result that is the result of a long preparation, which began in September last year.

Personal Trainer in one of the best known gyms of the big apple, Iwanejko boasts a past even by the wearer and model with roles in videoclips of world famous artists like Beyonce.

His profession, however, has long been natural bodybuiding and the recent success has a double value, being the 2018 edition the first competition to which the young San Marino took part.

A result, as he himself confesses, obtained with “so much determination, passion, sacrifice and above all discipline and adherence to the food and training plan.This result – explains Iwanejko – is also the confirmation that you can reach high levels without using doping substances “.

76 athletes took part in the competition (mens lightweight, medium weight, heavy weight bodybuilding, mens physique, bikini womens and figures) from New York and other US states.

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