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How To Have A Small Waist In A Few Easy Steps

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Let’s face it. It’s not easy to get to the glimmering goal of having a tiny waist. It takes a whole lotta hard work. Although Zeppelin says that it’s a whole lotta love. Think, self-love, maybe? To cut to the chase, here are some tips on how to get to your #waistgoals in a jiffy, as well as for the long-term.

A Small Waist For The Weekend

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We’re starting off with the unconventional. For something that will provide you with results for fitting into that dress which you’ll be wearing at a special event, join the waist trainer wholesale bandwagon. It will literally shape your body and highlight your curves by tightening your core through its tight belt mechanism.

Burn, Baby, Burn Those Calories

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This next one’s more on the long-term side and you’ll experience effects that will NOT leave much to be desired. Because desired effects, you shall get in explosive results! You’ll finally be able to wear that mommy and me swimwear you’ve picked out, or that Feelingirl mini dress you want to don when you’re with your beau.

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What should you do? We’re talking good old fashioned working out. Don’t close this page just yet! We totally understand how working out is difficult to incorporate in your high-stakes, it’s-life-or-death frenzied schedule. However, there’s no other way than this. Thus, start with low-impact exercises such as planking, roll-ups, squats, etc. When you have the extra time, go running a few days a week.

Lean But Not Mean

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Third and last comes the pair to #2— lean food. Food that’s high in nutritional value but is low in sugar and bad fats. When snacking, cut the artificial sweets. That means saying goodbye to cakes, doughnuts, chocolates, and the like (you can have them on your cheat day, anyway). Alternately, replace them with almonds and nuts, berries, greens— veggies, yogurt, and whole grains. There’s a myriad of nature’s goods that will help in slimming down that stubborn tummy.


Make the switch today. We promise you, it’ll be worth it.

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