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Abby Rose Bikinis in Noosa

Sewing to the beat of her own drum that NURSA woman Abby Vuister, a successful method, Abby Rose Bikinis and the only mobile phone operator.

“I do my way,” Vuister said.

“A lot of people in the industry follow the way I always do things in my own way.” That’s what I did. ”

She started five years ago in the Eumundi label market stall, Ms. Vuister to open a shop in Noosa edge.

This Saturday, her store will open a special conference to the public to provide a permanent way for women to browse and buy her unique design.

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“This has always been a dream of my own, with its own boutique,” Ms. Vuister said.

“A few months ago, I thought, ‘a year later, I’m going to open a store.

“I thought I would get everything ready by that time, but I unintentionally found where I was going, and I knew I wanted it.”

“That was six weeks ago. It happened and everything went well. I didn’t dream that it would happen so soon. ”

Ms. Vuister advocates sustainable fashion for using recycled materials to create her works and keep work – even if it means just at the moment of her machine.

She said, “I use recycled materials, old fishing nets and old polyester wastes, all of which are regenerated into yarn, which is what I use to make womens bikinis sale.”

“I will never send my design abroad to make it cheaper.

“I do it myself – I’m crazy. The future plan is to hire some local tailors, but now it’s just mine. “

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