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Bach Star Cass Back to Bikini Photo

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CASS Wood caused a sensation on The Bachelor because of the small black bikini she wore when she was dating Nick Cummins.

But the reality TV star has admitted to feeling the heat of her swimsuit photos on Instagram and responding to fans who criticized the 23-year-old for sharing too much.

Wood, who shot swimsuits in Thailand, took a photo with her two female friends on Friday.

In a lengthy headline, Wood explains how she doesn’t want to share this photo, even though it shows a fun moment between friends.

“I feel a bit skeptical about posting this photo because I recently saw some negative comments about posting bikinis, etc.,” she said.

“It really made me feel a little bit. I think I have to think carefully about what I posted, almost as if I was under control and couldn’t publish what I wanted. Then I thought. What is it, it’s ridiculous.”

Wood said, “Everyone has the right to post without explanation.” People should remember this motto “If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say it.”

“When I saw this photo, I saw the moment when three girls lived in their lives,” she wrote.

During a separate date with Nick Cummins at the Water Park, Wood wore one of the thinnest bikinis, slamming the audience into enthusiasm.

The fans of the bachelors congratulated the social media on Wood’s all-out efforts and it looked great – while others worried about how her bikini would stay in all the rides.

Unfortunately, Wood’s bikini is not enough to win the heart of Cummins, while the Honey Badger is far from the solo of the bachelor.

But Wood is laughing at the end, Channel 10 confirms this week that she and contestant Brooke Bruton will appear in the Bachelor of Heaven next year.

The reality show is filmed in Fiji. Do you know what it means? More bikinis.

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