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Inside the profit world of female muscle worship

“I think muscular women are particularly vulnerable. The idea that women are stronger than me and the sexual possibilities that I bring are very exciting.”

Johnny, 37, is a technical trainer for the British Army. As a healthy and handsome man, Johnny is one of the many men in the UK who practice non-traditional muscle worship. Muscle worship, also known as “sthenolagnia”, is a sexual companion, a person becomes sexually aroused by touching and “worshiping” the muscles of a more physically superior partner.

Male admirers like Johnny are called “schmoes” in the subculture of muscle worship. The main women they worship are their “goddess.” While most schmoes can be happily found on the edge of local bodybuilding exhibitions, the erotic pleasures they find in the strength and appearance of muscular women also motivate them to look for female bodybuilders for private meetings where they can put these muscles examination.

These meetings can take place anywhere in the Airbnb apartment, especially in schmoe’s own home. For many goddesses, emotional touch and wrestling are the most important. For others, sexual intercourse is also an option.

“I have several meetings,” Johnny said. “They exercise at a price of 350 pounds per hour. Some people like to have serious wrestling matches with girls, but I like naughty wrestling and encourage women to lift me and show me off. The power of me, in most cases, ends with a complete sexual act. Some girls are known for providing sex life. Others claim that they will not; but according to my experience, if the chemistry is very in the room Ok, then always good things to follow.”

Johnny continues to explain how to add extra “goddess” to his “available” recently, which is a direct result of the rules that change women’s bodybuilding.

The International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness has removed women’s heavyweight competitions from the largest global competitions (Olympia, Arnold Classics and World Championships), replaced by women’s bikinis – a heavyweight competition designed for lighter, more traditional designs. . Feminine “female. As more and more athletes are phased out, many find themselves fighting with men like Johnny to make a living. “There is almost no money for women,” Wendy McCready said. Even if you turn to a career. ”

McCready is the 22-year veteran of the sport and is currently the fourth female bodybuilder in the world. Achieving the size of McCready requires a certain level of dedication, which means that completing a full-time job is not feasible. Keeping professional athletes’ bodies is not very cheap; McCready’s weekly grocery list totals over £200 [$250].

Although McCready made enough money from the sponsors, she didn’t need to use the funds she invested to make a living, but only the top professional players like her could get the luxury.

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