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Venezuela’s Supreme Court banned women from newspaper magazine cover Bikinis club

The Supreme Court of Venezuela, Venezuela has ordered exposure to all the images of women in womens bikinis sale to the public publications cover removal cycle.

This decision is in response to a complaint the weekly sports publication ambassador EL, 6 degree CLP subsidiary, asked the government to ban any publication, such as “either digital or printed, including private subscription, image content… Whether through photos, images, or other advertising links, by children and young people access.”

womens bikinis sale

Although initially opposed measures only EL ambassador, soon extended to all print media in this country and their numbers.

The act specifically mentioned “pornographic” content, but also includes many mainstream magazines, in order to avoid the “nude or partially nude women in compromise and suggest stimulating business womens bikinis sale purpose posture impulse” image.
The court said that when these pictures open, publishers do not know their responsibility is to see adults and children are “the proper transmission of media content”.

This decision directly affect the country’s main publications Meridiano and L der, the suit covers the use of female images.
“These types of images, without warning, which may lead to negative consequences for human instinct, so the risk of the most vulnerable constitutional rights, namely children and young people,” the court’s decision to continue.

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