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Last summer, feminists were Bokiy. Bikini to defend now?

If it is from last summer’s popular language must be “bocchini”. The media got the swimsuit twisted in France and decided to ban Islamic Clothing from the beach. Slow English columnist – many people insult France – overlapping and passionately describing Islam as a strange preference for gallic oppression.
Those who trusted the freedom of human values, parents and New York Times, are particularly excited, the former said in an editorial that “women wearing them comfortable and accessories should resist those forced them to become covered or uncovered right.” Executive director of New York Times quoted Marwan Muhammad opposed to the collective Islamophobia (an organization, Gilles Kepel, France’s most famous expert on Islam, said the goal is to create a “conquer strategy” in French). He saidwomens bikinis sale “good news”. “This means that Muslim women do not use their social activities on beaches or swimming pools that are now enjoying the day.”
The editorial has brought public opinion to such a level that it is more important to celebrate Women’s right to wear what they want than to have an impromptu beach party outside the French Embassy in london. A protester, Esmat Jeraj told the guardian, “if the bocchini women sit on the beach to enjoy the sun, of course, should be encouraged. It helps to ensure that these women are no longer concerned with profits.” India Thorogood said, she organized the protest, “send a message of solidarity, Muslim women, it is important to join a protest ban”, because this is an opportunity, the man told her what to do, this is an example of Islam, which is becoming more and more popular in our society.”
One suspect, Thorogood and Jeraj, will show similar support this month for a small part of Algeria women’s rights to fight, they want to wear on the beach. So far, the English news has not supported their cause and made the French media spotlight on the bravery of women’s decision to wear womens bikinis sale night clubs.

Women love Sara, a 27 year old Algeria woman who comes from Annaba in the northeastern part of the country. Sara is not a woman’s name. Wisely, she doesn’t want to pay much attention to their own, so in the interview she accepted only in newspapers in Algeria province “” she published her explanation, and explains why she started the campaign in June. The day after Ramadan ended with her family going to the beach, and Sara found out that she was the only woman who’s now depressed. Without the courage to take off her bikini, she returned home and created a Facebook page that appealed to Algeria women to take to the beach bikini. “The goal is not to storm or create a topic, but to change profoundly, society,” Sara explains. “We don’t want to change people’s vision, but to teach tolerance and acceptance.”
Earlier this month, Sarah organized swimwear, and her supporters went to the seaside for an outing. The terrible possible reaction of her choice was an isolated beach, 60 miles from Annaba. Forty women appeared. Three days later, I have an appointment. This time, 200 people took part, one of whom was a young biochemist known as the gym. “We have the right to put what we want, where we want to go, when we want,” she said. “We don’t just stay at home.”.” Another woman, who gave her the name Samia, said: “when we wear bikinis, we feel visual and verbal attacks.”. The idea is that there is power to go to the beach and feel uneasy.”
Sara’s movement, now has more than 3000 members, she organized a week of beaches two times, but the hostility is growing in Algeria. There’s a lot of negative news posted on a social media site of a woman who announces “I’m bathing in my hood, and I put bare animals.”. Other women objected to Bikini calls for female photographers, who saw pictures online after they were identified with their targets.
Bikini bikini Algeria is not everyone’s distaste. One, an older brother in the women’s movement in Sara, said his sister and her friends were “Heroes”; nevertheless, he added, “I want you to imagine these women in bikinis.”… I am afraid that Lilia and other women’s bodies will attack, because women here are considered to be meat.”
So far, these attacks have only been made online, and some of the printable comments left on the female Facebook page are “wild women” and “where are your fathers?”” To Rym, retorted: “these frustrated men will not stop us from going to the beach.”.”

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