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There are some weird things on the internet.

That’s uncomfortable! A sexy lingerie company to sell the “black Teddy” clothing, above a string of beads hanging in the womens bikinis sale , and a cover in the face of the mask.
And a lot can be found on the AMI club website, a brand selling sexy women’s clothing, swimwear, Halloween costumes, lingerie.
A metamorphosis of the project is currently for sale by the company is also a headache: “sexy underwear is almost completely exposed to a woman’s crotch covering her entire face.
The lingerie project, known as the “black, opaque, masked Teddy sexy bedroom costume,” sells for $35.99 (currently sold at $16.20). By brand Leg Avenue, it is a pure black tights, long sleeves and some amazing twists and turns.
First of all, the fabric on the womens bikinis sale  end, with a small string of silver beads to connect it to the back. According to introduction, this is an exciting Beaded tee shirt”.
Of course, beads fully expose female genitalia – who seems to have been PS except wearing their models?.
Then, on top, the Dave extends to a mask, which completely covers the woman’s face except for a small incision in the mouth.
Teddy seems to have been designed for some kind of sex role, although it seems most helpful to conceal the identity of a man sleeping.

womens bikinis sale
The site seems to have another underwear, which also covers the face, though it is a wider mesh, and there is no real hidden face wearer.
Sexy masked black opaque Tactic bedroom clothing is not the only project on the Internet uncomfortable beads around the crotch.
BoDivas, a company in Tokyo, offers strange things that they call “beachtail”, described as “sexy charm bikini crotch.””.
The metallic charm is worn through bikini crotch, so it adorns the woman’s legs.
The company is called elegant jewelry “and” original “, added, except in bikinis, they can wear womens bikinis sale , slippers, shorts in Tanga.
Each piece has a metal chain, composed of half a large and thick link, the underwear to wear bikinis or lingerie in the ring at the bottom, there are half a delicate link below hanging outside the crotch.
There are also two loose chains dangling between the legs, and some designs have jewels at both ends.
The chains hang 3 inches (7.5 centimeters), made of rhodium silver plated brass.
The price of the jewelry ranges from $19.50 to $22.50, and the company promises to label it as a “fashion belt””.
Bodivas also sells other sex jewelry, including Nipple Rings, intertwined, and cvlitoris clips, which are obviously personal wear. But while crotch Charms might make sense in the bedroom, the company made it clear that the jewelry could also be worn in public.
As expected, although the crotch charm was bought in Amazon and Etsy, no buyers left a comment.

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