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Kim Kardashian West, Bella Hadid, Ashley Graham Releases Trendsetting Swimwear on Instagram

When summer arrived, the attention of the fashion industry was focused on the important issues of swimsuits. But which celebrities are behind the 2018 Bikini trend?

According to Lyst, a global fashion search platform, five powerful women search for swimwear online this year. The brand monitored the peak demand created by the 30 superstars, analyzed the search and sales responses of 12,000 online stores, and evaluated the most popular swimwear moments of the stars in the past three years, and compiled five top “swimming athletes” for 2018. List.

Kim Kardashian West
The first place was Kim Kardashian West, a reality TV show star and entrepreneur. She increased by 109% in a pink bikini search in April. She then shot in a pink electric version. Own holiday photos. In the same month, she also saw her wearing a sun lounger with Chanel underpants, resulting in a search for more than 17,000 luxury brand bikinis.

Ashley Graham

Plus-size supermodel Ashley Graham knows that the swimwear is very good. Recently the American beauty shot a suspenseful event for her latest swimsuit set 2018 series, resulting in the search for “Ashley’s swimwear” within 24 hours after the picture was uploaded to Instagram. More than 1000 times. Her photos “powersuit” tripled the views of the white swimsuit.

Nikki Mina

Rapist Nicki Minaj used the red-inlaid Norma Kamali swimsuit suit last year to see a 205% increase in searches for “studded swimwear” next week. This year, she is still the most cited celebrity in her swimsuit search this year.

Bella Hadid

American model Bella Haedid loves to take a swim with her swimsuit while her nude photos are barely seen in a bikini published in May. The beige bikini featured in last month’s top-selling 5 best-selling products. This year, she also put a banner on the bottom of the white lace, and her search volume increased 103% per week.

Emily Ratajkowski

When model and swimwear designer Emily Ratajkowski released a photo of her favorite green number last week, she increased her search for weekend games by 105%. The dot bikini she wore in April increased her sales by 39% during the following week.

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