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How Hunza G is re-created as one of the most popular swimwear brands in the fashion world

If you think back before a few summers, you may remember that your Instagram feed is suddenly filled with those folds that look like people, colorful bikinis.

The brand is Hunza G, provided that each swimsuit has only one size, a swimsuit that fits and flatteres everyone, no matter what shape they are. The brand took off and seems to be as popular as three summers.

As most people know, fabrics are nothing new. The brand, formerly known as Hunza, was actually very popular in the 1980s and even had its own iconic fashion movie moments when Julia Roberts wore the brand’s dress. Beautiful woman. How did it go from that to the Insta friendly brand we know today? Well, it all depends on the very entrepreneurial Georgiana Huddart who saw the opportunity.

“I started this brand with [Original Founder] Peter Meadows in 2015,” she told us. “They have stopped making swimwear for nearly 23 years. I grabbed some fabrics, started making samples myself, and wore one on a friend who said she knew Peter’s party. I asked him for details, and we drank coffee the next day. We resurrected it and then basically started Hunza G.”

While it is not easy for a brand to achieve the reputation of social media made by Hunza G, they are easy to reach the peak, overexposed and unattractive. What happened to Hunza G? Because the material is actually effective.

“This is a combination of knit lycra and elastic fiber. It is made on a circular loom, which means it is tubular and has no seams. That’s why it makes it so flattering – it’s like A flexible sock that shapes your best shape and hides all the bumps and bumps. Some brands try to tear off the fabric, and its quality and stretch quality are never the same.”

In addition to unparalleled quality, Huddart believes that another factor in the success of Hunza G is its roots.

“Nostalgia is strong in everything, not just fashion,” she said. “For me, wrinkled fabric always reminds me of my mother’s pregnancy or my play with my brothers and sisters in the sea. For others, it wears rare blue eyeshadows and huge shoulder pads – they may forget This is why it is important to restore it with different aesthetics, while also adhering to the traditions of the 80s.

Of course, there is no denying that social media has had a huge impact on the success of the brand, especially Hunza G’s collaboration with influencers and fashion journalist Pandora Sykes, which puts the brand on a map of many people. However, Huddart said that these relationships cannot be enforced or not.

“We have never particularly coveted the support of social media. It happens naturally because they are all handmade in London. I think it’s important for a brand to find its identity and stick to it very early. People respect this. One point. When I see other brands, I can clearly see those who know who they are, which can be very powerful. Social media is an incredible platform because it is free, but it may be Dangerous. I saw it making a brand, but I also saw it break other brands.”

It is very important for Huddart to pass on this knowledge and other expertise she has already started to do business successfully. Huddart will speak at the WeWork team in London this week.

“I think the amazing thing about starting a business is that you have learned a lot about yourself – what are you good at and what you are good at. I find that the other things that are helpful to you and the way you handle it are just the same. For example, I am really struggling with the technical aspects of Hunza G, especially managing a website, etc. I must really teach myself not to delay and leave what I found until the end.”

Huddart is supporting WeWork’s global competition, the Creator Award, for entrepreneurs, performers, start-ups and non-profit organizations.

“I started using Hunza G, because this is something I am passionate about, and the Creator Award is proving this: supporting people like me who are doing what they like and starting themselves. This is an exciting initiative. I suggest everyone apply – I mean, why don’t you?”

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