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Golden Kardashian poses in sexy retro bikini taking photos at the beach

The latest bikini show by TV celebrity Kim Kardashian is a retro photo taken on the beach. The title posted to Instagram is “Wet&Wild”, which received nearly 300,000 likes and fan reviews in less than an hour after it was released.

This photo is characterized by socialites and a friend posing on the beach. Kardashian wore a light green bikini and knees in the sand. When she stared at the camera with one hand and the other hand supported her on the side of the beach, the fans could perfectly see her bodybuilder, sculpted body, slender waist and bronzed skin. She finished the look of the beach, her long black hair on each side of her side with two French scorpions and a retro color.

Her friend is wearing a red pink bikini because she is also lying on the beach. However, her body turned to one side, showing off her rounded ass and carved thighs. Like Kardashian, she also wears a retro hue, however, her hair is woven at the top and loose on her back. The photo is filtered with a vintage look to make it look a bit retro and neon.

Fans posted a lot of comments filled with peach, fire, heart and kiss face emoji. They also left comments, such as “Kimmmmmm, you look day after day!” and “My Neon Queen <3 I will always love you, forever and forever.”

Kardashian’s recent efforts have kept her away from the beach and bikinis into the political world. According to Inquisitr, she is currently running for the release of non-violent drug criminal Chris Young, who was sentenced to life imprisonment. She talked about “wrong convictions”, a podcast that focuses on men and women who have been sentenced to long-term imprisonment for not committing crimes, and her efforts to release him.

Young people were sentenced to life imprisonment for possessing marijuana and half-grams of cocaine, which is the result of mandatory judgments. Judge Kevin Sharp, a judge of the Yang case who resigned because of the unfairness of the compulsory judgment regulations, also fought alongside Kardashian to end the unfair judgment. On Wednesday, Kardashian met with President Donald Trump about pardoning Yang and releasing him to jail.

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