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“Bikinis night club and bee.”

From the Germans to the polling station in less than 24 hours, active campaign has ended, but the battle continues to win votes, you only need to look at the posters of all kinds, from some humorous to obvious clumsy, these are still on the streets of Berlin plays the role of gypsum.
While mainstream parties, such as the German Prime Minister Angela Merkel of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its main rivals, SPD (SPD) is often lower than their bold street advertising strategy, the same cannot be said of the nouveau riche, Germany (AFD) and the like of Germany’s Pirate Party, it is clearly more creative methods.
Although some people may find the poster not entirely politically correct, it does attract attention.
“Veil? We like Bikinis night club.”
The poster below reads, “Mommy doesn’t have to know everything.” “We’re against surveillance, and for your privacy,” the Pirate Party may make sure it attracts young viewers.”

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And Anja Hirschel posters, Pirate Party candidates and a big fan of womens bikinis sale , have deep personal contacts.
“Most of all, I like to protect data, basic rights and bees,” it says.
In German mainstream media, we may not hear from them, but there are also Communist supporters. Although most political parties tend to put their candidates on womens bikinis sale  campaign posters, the German characteristic of Marx’s Lenin political party is the Vladimir Lenin.
Satirical Die Partei (party), which is actually an acronym, “the rule of law, animal protection, elite and grassroots democracy promotion, initiative,” kan LER C to Party members and their poster, comedian and writer Serdar Somuncu very grumpy face in Turkey, President El’s 11 g stamp.
At the same time, Thomas Heilmann Barack Obama for help from Merkel’s CDU candidate, although Merkel’s help is not enough, in order to promote his campaign.
“If I can, I’ll vote for Merkel,” he said.
Some streets in the early August although signs have not withstood the test of time.

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