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Vietnam’s Budget Airline Company Apologizes for the Cheap Sexy Lingerie flight attendants who are welcoming football players (even if their team loses).

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Vietnam’s budget airline sends an exposed model to an apology to join a national football team.

Vietjet — the most famous Cheap Sexy Lingeries night club stewardess is a cheap public relations gimmick. The team suffered a crushing defeat in Uzbekistan on Saturday, the Olympic Asian Football Federation champion.

Many people in the Communist state are angry about the move and have taken social media to condemn Airlines – and some even threaten to boycott.

Others share photos of the models, including a photo. An embarrassed young man is hugged by a woman wearing a silver belly and red Cheap Sexy Lingerie.

The photos also showed that the sequins and feathers were decorated in New Zealand for a private flight, and Vietjet was chartered for the team after the game.
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“Vietjet’s actions are too rude and cheap, and offensive teams, fans and even passengers, Facebook users Nguyen My Linh wrote in the article, received 1700 favorite and more than 100 shares of stocks, as of Monday noon.

Many netizens say it is not appropriate to send a lingerie model with a young person.

It’s disgusting. I’ll resist Vietjet for this, “Le Nguyen, office staff, say.

The performance of the Vietnamese team in the Asian Games made the athletes a national hero.

The players came home on Sunday and were welcomed by the rock stars.

A group of flags – waving fans packed the streets of Hanoi and looked at the team.

Vietjet apologized for Sunday’s Cheap Sexy Lingerie  model gimmick, saying it was a “temporary movement” and was not a deliberate marketing strategy.

It said that the “relevant personnel” was disciplined.

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