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FIFA: The best defender of the Russian team World Cup so far

In the 60 games of the World Cup, the football management agency FIFA said that Russia is the best defending team to date.

Croatia was eliminated by the Russian team on Saturday, which disappointed the country but was inspired by the team’s unexpected performance. The Croatian team will play against England, France and Belgium in this week’s semi-final, in order to have the opportunity to raise the trophy on July 15th (the last day of the competition).

In the remaining four games of the game, FIFA ranked Russia as the best defensive team, with 259 clearances, steals and saves in five games.

The team led by Stanislav Cheltsov was ranked third in all participating countries, while the other teams scored 7 goals against Russia.

According to FIFA statistics, Russian midfielder Roman Zobnin has taken the longest distance in the 62-kilometer race.

Dennis Cherishev became the third scorer with Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku and scored four goals each.

At the end of the final, FIFA awarded the title to the top scorer, best player, best goalkeeper, most disciplined team and best young player.

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