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“Dad’s got a problem!” Fans put Scott Disick’s “uncomfortable” video, Sofia Richie, 19, dancing in the Cheap Sexy Lingerie father Lionel to All Night Long

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Their age gap is romantically shocked by the entertainment circle.

However, Scott Disick, 34, still defiant, he marched his relationship with Sofia Richie, 19, took Instagram to share a funny clip in her Cheap Sexy Lingerie superstar offspring and her father all night Friday Dance Festival jumper Lionel song.

The fans saw that Twitter expressed her discomfort with the dazzling new star Kardashians shared by her, and she was hopping confidently.

The three year old father took her for her father’s 1983 hit song dance hilarious improvisation shooting Lionel.

One vermicelli questioned whether the teenager had a “Dad problem”.

If it’s a question of Sofia Richie dad’s problem, watch her make a sexy dance, Lionel Richie’s “night”, her boyfriend Scott Disick is wearing a Santa pajamas.

The other shared a GIF and a thin film star to pretend to throw, and this man made me uncomfortable. ”

A twitter user through the handle @ olivialouisek points out that Sofia’s dance in her Cheap Sexy Lingerie her dad’s song is “uncomfortable”.

Others call it “nausea” or “bad taste” or Scott’s predecessor, Courtney Kardashian, and “jealousy.”Scott and Sofia were first hung in May and since listing, the couple has been to Venice and Milan, Mexico and Puerto

Vallarta Los Cusworth.
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According to people, Sofia is a “very serious” Scott. She raised three children’s ex girlfriends Courtney Kardashian, Mason, eight, Penelope, five, Wang, three.

At Christmas, they were two people as a couple laughing together at the first Christmas of the right jump line in Sofia.

Later, the alleged “absolute zero plan” Sofia appeared in the heels of Kardashian, according to TMZ.

Scott is still a fixture in the display, even though he left sister Kourtney, 38, almost two years ago after ten years together.

According to reports, Sophia still focuses on the small screen. It is said that she is working with Scott and her

Grammy winning father Lionel to perform their own performance, 68 years old.

Hello hitmaker initially said he was afraid of death, the big star who wanted to date in Sofia. ” Have I been in shock? “I’m a dad, come on,” the Hello singer told us in October.

But in a recent E interview! News, Sofia said her father changed his mind: “he’s very good. He has been very good.

He has been very cool. He’s very supportive, no matter what that means.The sun has recently reported that Scott is filming his own reality show. It is said that the play is characterized
by Sophia, and that Lionel, too, is also on board.

Although he is a branch of his own program, Scott still appears to be part of the kuwtk. In Miami, the star was found by a Cheap Sexy Lingerie group of photographers.

A source told the Sun newspaper: “he is very eager to get something again. He knows it is great to persuade the TV boss to give him second opportunities.

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