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Carlile asked Goldman to sell PENTI stake for Turkey

Istanbul, September 28 (Reuters) U.S. Private Equity Investment Firm Carlile Group intends to sell Turkey underwear and womens bikinis sale retailer PENTI and Goldman Sachs in the sales proposal has authorized its 30% stake, people familiar with the matter said three people.
After last year’s failed coup, demand for Turkey’s assets has picked up, and potential deals have come. Despite chronic political fears, investors are still keen to tap into Turkey’s fast-growing, fast-growing population.
PENTI founder, who retained 70% of the company, Carlile purchased its shares after 2012, but also sold its holdings and authorized Goldman Goldman Sachs as an adviser, the two said.
PENTI, which has more than 400 stores and about 30 countries, has a sale of socks, bathing suits and womens bikinis sale. The company said it did not consider selling shares, but confirmed that it had authorized Goldman, Sachs, and London’s dome group to offer investment opportunities.
“As of today, Penti has not taken any decision on acquisitions, mergers or disposal of shares and has decided to start these processes,” it said.” However, the company authorized Goldman Sachs and dome group to study market conditions and evaluate possible investment opportunities.”

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A spokesman for Carlile and Goldman declined to comment.
And due diligence has not yet started, Private Equity Investment Firm, turkven and Actera have expressed interest in the potential acquisition of the news, said two.
Turkven and Actera did not immediately comment on the matter.
An emerging market that has been considered a star, Turkey has lost its luster, and thanks to politics, under the leadership of President Tayyip Erdogan, increasingly autocratic leaders are frequently in odds with Europe and america.
El, many opponents after the defeat of last year’s coup. More than 150000 people have been laid off or suspended in the civil service, police, military and private sectors, and about 50000 have been jailed. The seizure of assets has also been suspended for investors.
The government said these measures were necessary and gave them a variety of security threats.
For some, at least, these concerns have been the envy of Turkey’s population. Its population of 80 million is the youngest in Europe, and as a result of increased disposable income, they are keen on smartphones, designer training and handbags.
In June, the jeans manufacturer Mavi giyim, a $334 million initial public offering in Istanbul. Since then, the company’s share price has risen by 16%.
Carlile’s 30% stake was valued at 2012 PENTI at around $100 million at the transaction, according to an independent source familiar with the deal.
Penti has 600 million lira ($168 million) in revenue, interest, tax revenue, depreciation and amortization before profits (EBITDA) of 95 million lira, and is expected to reach 700 million lira this year, the source of income said.
Last year, Carlile retired from Turkey private school, Bahcesehir Koleji operator and 2014 appeared in Turkey health care Park investment. ($1 = 3.5671 lira (writing) Ezgi Erkoyun; edited by David Dolan and Adrian Croft)

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