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River Island away from bonuses to expand online services

The family boss Jiangxinzhou for second consecutive years to avoid dividends tend to open new stores also provide funds to the online shopping service.
The chief executive of Levi’s, said retailers are planning to Shoreditch in East London, digital office doubled in size, and high technical team from 100 employees are committed to promoting the ability of working online jiangxinzhou.
Mr Lewis said: “the 2016 is a big investment to the enterprise a year, because we focus on the island, which is very important to our investment strategy, and expand the range of our products, investment in people.”
Retail boss uncle Bernard Lewis five years ago founded the retailer, he said the location service of the company in collaboration with apple, allow shoppers to check their womens bikinis sale  store, if they want their own clothes or inventory size.

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He also said that the ongoing research of artificial Jiangxinzhou and machine learning to become more responsive to the needs of online shoppers and improve the supply chain to ensure that customers who drifted between the shop and the screen has a more seamless shopping experience.
Lewis said, online and mobile 21Pc sales growth last year, total sales of 3.5pc to help raise the profile of 970m in December 31st this year.
The private company is expected to report operating profit fell 7pc from 145.8m to 135.7m after the focus on investment in technology, opening new stores, expanding the range of fashion and children. In exceptional normal business profits is expected to 124.5m.
The Lewis family, which has three family members including Mr. Lewis at the board, by 180 million 2013 and 2014 pay for itself but did not choose to take the bonus is 2015 or 2016.
Mr. Lewis says the family has “continued investment”
“We are a healthy enterprise, in our profit and cash flow, we believe that investment opportunities, Jiangxin Island, to ensure a sustainable future in the long run.”
Retail owner said, “in a challenging context, the past 12 months of stable transactions.” Mr. Lewis said its suit underwear sales were particularly strong last year, selling enough Bikinis nightclubs to wear womens bikinis sale  all the British women’s holidays in Ibiza every minute of the summer.
Last year, Jiangxinzhou opened 14 new stores, and plans to open five new stores this year, although the rise of online shopping highlights, the company believes that the role of the shop.
Lewis said: “we have the ability to make greater progress on our strategic objectives, and believe that we will continue to invest in growth while building the right store portfolio, product and digital capabilities.”

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