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Best TikTok Beauty Brands That Are Worth Investment

Social media can sell things, transform lives, and expose the formulations that work if the famous cosmetic brands on TikTok are any indicator. Indeed, a short video can create a frenzy around an otherwise unknown product or brand, ultimately causing it to sell out.

Additionally, the Gen Z-focused app has allowed users to learn about new, emerging goods they would not have otherwise known about. The good ol’ FYP has helped a growing number of (mostly smaller) emerging beauty brands gain traction and become well-known almost overnight.

The TikTok craze is 100% true, and be ready to go down the rabbit hole. To help you get the goods without being pulled into another hour-long scroll session, we’ve compiled a list of the best viral beauty companies on TikTok, along with our favorite buzzed-about products from each.

Rare Beauty 

After launching in September 2020 to great acclaim, Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty has since established a commanding presence on TikTok. Numerous artists, such as Nogueira and MakeupByMonicaa, have waxed lyrical over the Soft Pinch Liquid Blush, contributing to its success. Thousands of customers have also gushed on TikTok about how pigmented the blush is.


Just before the epidemic began, Youthforia was established. Ever since, the business has seen tremendous growth on TikTok thanks to its small but potent assortment of ground-breaking products that, in the view of the company’s founder Fiona Cho Chan, are appropriate for sleep without irritating the skin or causing breakouts. Chan continues to be the face of the firm’s marketing and TikTok videos, highlighting the science behind the product formulae, her inspiration for launching the brand, and valuable lessons.

The current Youthforia product portfolio consists of the company’s signature BYO Blush (which, in the words of one Glamour writer, creates an “effortless sun-kissed appearance”), the brand’s new Pregame Primer, and the Dewy Gloss, which makes the ideal wash of color.


How is it that ColourPop succeeds year after year? There is plenty to learn about what makes this beauty business so vibrant on social media because they consistently rank in the top 10 and have won the overall gold two years in a row. The company uses its large fan base and frequent updating (nearly twice as often as the typical cosmetic company) to dominate the Instagram and Twitter engagement statistics. Now let’s look at how this cosmetics company performed on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram this year.

For every cosmetic company, TikTok is a crucial platform, and ColourPop rules the forum thanks to its massive post count and high interaction rate.

Charlotte Tilbury

Before establishing her cosmetics company in 2016, Charlotte Tilbury had a prosperous career as a celebrity makeup artist, working with clients including Penelope Cruz, Kate Moss, and Naomi Campbell. Since then, cosmetic professionals, novices, and editors have come to love the brand.

To Sum Up 

Therefore, it is no surprise that the company’s most recent product, Beautiful Skin Foundation, has received excellent reviews and tons of TikTok buzz.

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