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Yvette’s Cheap Sexy Lingerie shoppers have been reflecting on Bell’s Boulevard in Bayside for nearly 30 years

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When Diana Seth took over Yvette’s underwear in Bayside more than a decade ago, her mission was to serve every woman.

Remembering the painful struggles a family friend had while struggling with breast cancer, the business owner ensures that women are provided with custom bras to fight the disease or perform surgery.

“It left such a strong impression on me that I will always carry this,” she said. “As a woman, we deserve more.”

The store is located at 40-13 Bell Street, first opened 70 years ago. Someck has been working in this place for nearly three decades.

Today, Yvette offers its customers unique products, including more than 300 bras, as well as underwear, apparel, swimwear, jackets, jewelery and handbags. Products can be found in all sizes, ranging from small to 3X. The shop can also be customized in the shop work, size and modification.

Cheap Sexy Lingerie

In order to modernize its business, Yvette’s interior has undergone several years of renovation. The space becomes bright and becomes a stylish and cozy boutique shopping destination.

“It’s a great place for women to come in. It’s a very tempting environment,” she said.

When it comes to meeting customers’ needs, Someck says she can “dress up for a party and go to bed in her own dress.” If a customer is looking for something that is out of stock, then the business owner will see her ordering.

“There’s nothing we can not deal with,” she said. “If you can, we will try our best to meet every age point, every price point.”

Although comparable to online stores and other physical Cheap Sexy Lingerie and apparel chains, Someck said she looks forward to continuing success.

“The beauty is that my clients are still back because they love the service we care about,” she said. “It’s not just a shop, you came here, we developed a relationship, and we made women feel good.”

Eve’s underwear is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, visit their website or call.

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