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In the 3 months’ harassment activities, the royal ballet dancer with a grim “gift” and “jealousy” sent sexy toys to his Cheap Sexy Lingerie model ex girlfriend.

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Andrej Uspenski, 38, eight months after being dumped, Tatjana Novitjenko is occupied.

She got a court order to stop him from contacting her, but he continued to send text messages, emails and flowers.

On his birthday, he appeared at the door of the Luxury Apartments in Chelsea, West London, with a “strange parcel”, but she was in Thailand.

The prosecutor, Katie Bryan, told Judge Westminster: “her friend sent her a message telling her about the gifts.

She asked her friend to open it. At first she thought it was a joke for another friend, but then she found a note written on a note.

It said, “life is so serious, oh, yes, life is so serious, but not true.”

“The connection to the card is a picture of her dog, and the photo shopping makes it look like a dog is drowning.”
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Ms. Novitjenko has already had music and fashion stars, including the award winner Mark Ronson, telling the police that she is “very anxious and worried that his behavior may escalate further”.

The court heard that the couple began a relationship in September 2016 and moved to their homes in June 2017.

They broke up a month later. Blaine said that Russia in the three months of birth, “pensky gave her a series of strong news, he had no contact with her.

In one of his words, he gave up her “baby’s anger” in July 2017.

He sent flowers and then sent e – mails. One of them mentioned her recent assignment and asked, “what is this painting?” What are these positions? Do you want to be a picture of a Ranger? ”

Former Ballet Star Uspenski, who works as a freelancer, has 22500 of the Instagram Cheap Sexy Lingerie  followers, admitting that harassment is not violent.

The sentencing adjourned for three weeks. The prosecutor will also apply for an injunction.

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